Thursday, 25 December 2014

Over Three Years in the Making...

It was over three years ago that I started sewing squares of fabric together with the crazy thought of making a "quilt." You see, I'm not a quilter. I said it back then when I started the project and I think I can safely say today, "I'm still not a quilter."

However, I am proud of the project. It's been gifted to Mama R because there are so many memories found in those small squares of fabric. I wasn't sure who I was going to gift it to when I set out on this project, but it just seems right as the fabrics hold so many family stories.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. It is very nice. I am teaching myself to quilt.

    1. Thank you, I really am not a quilter. I admire people who do quilt, it takes a great deal of patience, precision and planning. It really is an art. Maybe one day I'll try to learn how to really quilt. I was just slapping cut scraps together.


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