Saturday, 27 December 2014

Year in Review: 2014 Sewing Goals

I made some sewing goals at the beginning of the year.
 Make some knickers and then make some more.  
 Make a Chanel-esque jacket.
 Learn and incorporate more tailoring and couture techniques into my sewing (more slow sewing).

 Finish that damn quilt!
The first one I'm happy to say has been checked off the list when I discovered Butterick 6031.

The second goal, "make a Chanel-esque jacket" has not yet materialized even though I have two suitable patterns, Vogue 8991 and Vogue 8804 in my possession along with research material.  

I even have all the sewing supplies ready to go. I just need some time courage! 

The next goal focussed on incorporating more tailoring and couture techniques into my sewing. I would like to think I did accomplish this goal with the help of some vintage patterns and new reading material. 
I underlined several garments with silk organza and the efforts paid off beautifully. There was way more hand-stitching that appeared in my sewing work as well. And there were techniques that I learned and adapted into my sewing while working on the velvet dresses that were new-to-me. Even the first ten chapters of The Pink Suit nudged me along the way. (I really must finish that book.)

Progress on the quilt moved at a snail's pace this year. I do believe that I did the most work on the quilt when I was recovering from knee surgery earlier this year. And then when I was finally able to escape venture outdoors again, the quilt once again fell to the UFO pile. 
However, it has been on my mind thought the year and I did pick up a queen sized package of 100% cotton batting for the middle section. Mama R and I spent the other evening pinning the piece together and after stitching it all in place, this three year epic quilting journey has finally come to an end. I gifted the quilt to Mama R since the piece of fabric hold many family memories.

Now to think about next year's sewing goals, other than build up the courage to make a Chanel-esque style cardigan jacket...  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Woot! I have a Chanel-style jacket on my list for 2014 as well - maybe 2015 . . . . ! And (if I may be so bold) your knickers look great! I mastered bra making this year and need to make matching knickers. I have the same pattern as you so will give them a try!

    1. Thanks TwoToast! The Gertie knickers are so comfy (I think I have made six pairs) I raised the waistline for what Gertie refers to as "a more vintage look." I was following you bra-making journey on your blog (they all look perfectly well-made). I had no idea that Hamilton was the place to be for sewing enthusists until I read that is where you took your course.


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