Thursday, 18 December 2014

Oh No!

The last dress is in a state of undone-ness. I came home from work last night exhausted with another sinus headache that wouldn't quit and decided to take a nap. 

It turned out to be an all night nap. I just woke up in my clothes, tights and all and panicked at the thought I might not finish the dress.  

The plan is to get home and sew like a fiend on a mission.  

I really hoping for a Christmas miracle here. The two dresses have to be ready for Friday morning and I have another workday to get through too!   


  1. Oh my gosh!

    Hopefully you get it done! And fel better!!

    1. They are done, wrapped in layers of tissue pattern and gift-bagged. They are off to work with me where they will be delivered and then I'll be spending my weekend cleaning up all those tiny balls of velvet that are all over my sewing space. I can cross off sewing velvet dresses off my sewing bucket list and remind myself, never again. Lol, so happy they are done.


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