Monday, 1 December 2014

Santa Baby

Some days you just can't say no to the kids in your life. Today was one of those days.  

One of the little gals at sewing club really wanted to have a Santa Claus on her stocking and this morning was the last official class. She didn't want to do just an outline of Santa (I tried) rather one with all the details. She was quite persuasive as you can see above. 

I told her that I would make her an appliqué but she would have to stitch it on her stocking herself. Little did I know this would take me the whole evening to do! I was tempted to use my sewing machine but that just didn't seem right when their stockings are all hand-stitched.

I hope I scored major brownie points with St. Nick and there will be a brand new coverlock machine under the tree. That or I'm just a big sucker when it comes to helping out an enthusiastic young stitcher. I do believe it is the latter. Although, I'm still hoping for a new machine under the tree.   

Happy Sewing!   

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