Monday, 29 December 2014

Year in Review: RTW Fast

The year started off on a high note when I returned three items that I purchased just before the new year. I won't say that this RTW fast was easy. Trust me I was tempted along the way.

Early in the year I was tempted by this cardigan that went on sale after the holidays. I was tempted more by the sale price than something that would actually work with my wardrobe. 

In the spring, I was tempted by this Ralph Lauren peplum shirt. But the spring romance of this item didn't last too long and I didn't even attempt to recreate the look which I did consider doing for a brief moment of time.    

I have a weakness for Lord and Taylor line of clothes. They came out with these two midi-length skirts that I absolutely fell head over heels. This one (above) has side pockets (love). I will admit to picking it up and then returning it. My first stumble during my journey.

This one didn't have pockets but the fabric was gorgeous. I admired it from a distance and wondered where I could possibly find such beautiful fabric.

And later in the year, I was tempted by yet another cardigan sweater. The floral print knit is what caught my eye.

So it might look that I did manage to go a year without any RTW but it wasn't so. I couldn't resist a  vintage Persian Wool jacket that I found at a second hand store.

Besides that one fall off the wagon and the temptations along the way, I'm quite pleased with my attempt to go completely RTW free. I even managed to sew my own knickers this year even though it was on the acceptable purchase list. It feels good to accomplish what I did through the RTW fast but to be completely honest, I have to give credit to being part of a supportive group. They were truly inspiring and it was great to have the support of the group.

I plan to continue with the fast in 2015 because I learned that the items that I was most tempted by were things that I can easily sew at home and achieve a better fit. I don't have a ready-to-wear body shape and so why buy ill-fitting clothes that need to be altered. I don't like doing alterations. I do like sewing though.

Thank you Sarah and my fellow RTW fasters for being such an inspiration and motivator.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Well done! believe me, it gets easier and easier to resist rtw. I haven't bought clothes in about 5 yrs now and haven't felt even the slightest bit tempted for at least the last four of those years. :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn for the encouragement. You're a great mentor to have on my blog roll.

  2. Last time I was in Dilliards I took pictures of things (discretely!) but no buying- tho cardigans I give myself a free pass on- I cant knit, so they dont count, right???

    1. Ann, I don't knit either. But have you seen the cardigan patterns that been coming out? I recently added Butterick 5760 which as a button front cardigan and McCall's 6708 to my pattern stash. I'm going to give those a try. And there is also the Jenna card by Muse patterns that looks nice as well. Now if I could only find a rose print cashmere knit fabric like above I would be over the moon.


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