Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Pullover Pleated Top

Stash busting 2014:  Pullover Pleated Top

Fabrics:                      2 metres satin, 0.15 metre of fusible interfacing

Pattern:                      Simplicity 2372

Sewn on:                  Janome 4120 QDC using straight stitch for seams and blind hem for the hems.

Hand-stitching:    Slip sttich (blind stitch) strategically stitched along facing.

Seam finish:            Serged on Janome MyLock 234D

This top is for Mama R. She has requested a few tops to wear with pants after I made one using this pattern to go with her suit. This is a trusted pattern that has seen many makes and has to be Mama R's all-time-favourite pattern. There was a bit of panic when I couldn't find three pattern pieces that were found folded in some fabric. I'm usually pretty careful with pattern pieces especially one that has proven to be so valuable. Luckily the pieces were found since all the tweaks are cut into the pattern pieces.  

The fabric has been in my stash for a couple of years. I found it at Fabricland in their formal wear section and picked it up to make a blouse for myself. But Mama R loves the colour and it looks great on her so that was that. It is a 44" (112 cm) wide 100% polyester fabric. It has a satin finish and really is pretty. I love the easter-egg bluish-green colour (I don't know how else to describe it).

There are no surprises in the construction of this top until the final fitting.

For some odd reason the hemline on the front was higher than the sides and back. Now, I realize this hem style is all the rage but it wasn't the look that I was going for. I must have made a mistake when cutting out the fabric? I fixed the hem issue by lowering it in the centre front and then trimming the rest of the hem allowance. Instead of the one and a half inch hemline I was aiming for, I ended up with a three-quarter inch hem. And it does look fine.

Other modifications to the pattern include removing the centre front and back seams, adjusted the neckline shape so that it's not as wide as on the very first dress made with this pattern and lengthened the sleeves. Easy peasy. 

Happy Sewing!  

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