Tuesday, 22 November 2011


It is now approaching day four without my sewing machine.

I'm starting to show withdrawal symptoms.  That hazy feeling of being lost, and a combination of sweats and chills when walking by the now empty spot on the table where my sewing machine once sat.

Not even a nice cup of coffee can snap me out of this. This kind of longing calls for gin.

I know my Janome deserves the spa treatment after all that frantic bow sewing. But I miss my Janome.

Sew, what have I been doing besides cover letter and resume writing. And missing my Janome.

I've been going through some of my patterns. Many of them are in sizes that are way too small for me now. I'm in disbelief that I was actually some of those sizes as I wonder why I have held on to those patterns all these years. What to do with them. I know that I should pass them along or sell them before I fall into class five hoarder status.

And then I came across this Vogue Paris Original pattern and thoughts of ridding the outgrown patterns vanish.  Vogue 1900 skirt and blouses. I start to think the short sleeve oversized blouse might work with the green floral print fabric I picked up months ago. Has it been months ago? I feels like months ago. My brain is in a hazy.

I snap out of it, do I really want to revisit the eighties? The age ruled by Thatcher, Reagan, and Mulroney... there is not enough gin in the world... Stepping away from the floral print and the blouse pattern that calls for shoulder pads. And I was thinking about a shoulder pad blouse on a five-foot-one frame, I need to step away from the gin too.

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