Thursday, 24 January 2013

Oh what was I thinking?

What was I thinking when I said I "make do or do without"? That was the dumbest thing I ever said this year. Of course, I said that before I saw the new Vogue Spring 2013 patterns. Have you seen their new patterns? Oh, the temptation!  

The bodice on this dress is so pretty.
Vogue 1340

And this dress looks so comfortable.  I could use another comfortable dress.
Vogue 1336

Okay, my hips won't have enough room in this dress but I love this neckline.  Maybe a tee-shirt?
Vogue 1341

And it comes with a coat too!
Vogue 8875
Another pretty dress.
Vogue 8875

Oh my goodness!  I absolutely love this dress.
Vogue 8876

Ohhh, so pretty!
Vogue 8882


  1. Oh my, now you have me wanting some of those patterns!!!!

    God bless.

  2. Oh, I especially adore that Vogue 1341 too... so beautiful!


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