Monday, 21 January 2013

1960s Grooviness...

A weekend with no sewing was a uneventful weekend indeed. It was all about work and snow clearing. Well, some snow clearing. It is bitterly cold and it's supposed to last for the week. That means that the rest of the snow clearing can wait until the weather warms up to normal Winter-peg temperatures.

With the cold weather encouraging me to stay indoors, I hope to get back to sewing this week. I've been working on a groovy dress for Mama R.

I found this lovely vintage pattern, Simplicity 7478, over at Etsy. There are typically three things that Mama R requests in a dress.

  1. A comfortable neckline
  2. Pockets
  3. Sleeves
This pattern have two out of three request items. The pockets will be an easy addition to the pattern.

It is cut in a mystery woven fabric that I suspect is a polyester fabric. I know I can do a burn test if I was really curious. I'm not. It is just a test fabric that might work out to be a wearable muslin.

The pattern, circa 1967, is a "modified 'tent' dress [with a] yoke forming cowl neckline, back zipper, loops and buttons." It has an armscye dart and I couldn't be more pleased with the fit in the bust area.

I have not yet sewn on the cowl neckline nor the sleeves. Hopefully, I'll finish this up shortly.

Until then, happy sewing!  

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