Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cycling and Fashion...

McCall's Patterns recently came out with their new spring patterns. Some of the patterns are quite cute. I know I'm suppose to do some sewing with the patterns that I have in my stash but a gal can look, right?

These patterns caught my eye not because they are anything that I want to add to my pattern stash. I found them interesting because they chose to style some of their spring patterns with bicycles. I love that yellow bike! But this is a sewing blog, so lets take a look at the patterns.

The "Damn, I keep falling off my bike because I'm wearing four inch
spiked heals" tunic. McCall's 6702.   

The "When is my boyfriend going to get a car?" dress.  McCall's 6706

The "Look I can pop a wheelie!" dress. McCall's 6701

The "forget this I'm waiting for a cab" outfit. McCall's 6709

The "do I really have to look like a teenager to ride a bike?" look.
McCall's 6710.
Okay, I like this one. Some legging with it and this would work. McCall's 6696.
And can you believe the model is wearing practical footwear in this shot?
Don't worry, I won't break my sewing resolution on this pattern, I have enough shirt dress patterns to keep me going.


  1. I always ride my bike in stilettos and a dress with a train, don't you? :-P

  2. Ooohhhh, yes! And I always kneel on the ground in white pants...doesn't everybody????

  3. I appreciated the pic with the helmet AND spiked heels- safety first! But I must say, getting my mullet skirt caught in the chain has always been an issue!

  4. Can the direction of the wind be changed? There's nothing on my biike to hold my skirt/dress where I put it, ROFL :)

  5. I will not buy another shirt-dress pattern. I will not buy another shirt-dress pattern. I will not buy another shirt-dress pattern.

  6. I LOVE your snarky comments on these pics. As a bicyclist and sewer who has been known to ride her bike in many things that aren't truly bike-riding friendly (and only occasionally catching a skirt hem in the chain), I can relate!


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