Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In Sewing News Today...

I'm back at the sewing room after a bit of a slump. We've had a break from the deep freeze and my teeth stopped chattering this weekend, that is good enough to get back to sewing.

On the cutting table is a dark chocolate brown suiting fabric. The fabric is for the Vogue 1038 skirt. I picked this fabric from my stash to go with the animal print I picked up for Jungle January. The fabric has been in my stash for so many years, I actually lost count. If it weren't for the Jungle January fabric I likely wouldn't even have pulled out this fabric out.

I do realize that floor length skirts are not the best option for my five-one frame. I shortened the pattern and I'm sure I'm going to have to chop off some of the length. I wish I had the height to pull it off but I don't. It is not stopping me from trying this pattern. Over at pattern review it received rave reviews for the fit. I did have to adjust the pattern I purchased several years ago when I was not a size 14. My fingers are crossed that it works out.

I fear won't have this outfit finished by the end of the month considering that it will be tomorrow. I'm a little behind in my Jungle January plans because of a combination of procraftination and other projects.

Oh and that muff! I'll never get to that muff in time. Maybe next year? But the shirt, Burda 7188 in the animal print, will make it to the sewing machine sooner than that, I hope. That's the plan, a little late to the party.

I've also been busy cutting other items. I have another flannel nightshirt cut out using McCall's 8525. I have to say that I love this pattern. If you're looking for a nightshirt pattern and you come across this on ebay or etsy I would say go for it.

I'm searching through my fabric stash for some denim for girls' shirtdress. I have quite a bit of denim in all sorts of weights and colours.

I found this red denim which happens to be the little gal's favourite colour. How perfect! Almost. I'm not sure because it feels a little heavy for a little girls' dress. I think I'll still be searching through my stash.

That's all in sewing news today. Well, I should get outside and brush the snow off the car and get to work.

Happy Sewing to those lucky to have a day off to sew!

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