Monday, 3 December 2012

All set...

Fabricland was gracious enough to exchange my pattern for the correct size. Yeah, Fabricland! I was scared that I would be stuck with two different sizes of the same pattern. It certainly was a relief!

The store still has that sale going on and this time I didn't escape without picking up some fabric. I picked up these cottons to make shirts. One is a light blue and the other is a burgandy stripe. The top fabric that appears black is actually a dark blue with a black pattern cotton. The other two are in the washing machine getting pre-treated.

Tomorrow will be all about cutting. Maybe by week's end I'll have some shirts to show 'n tell.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. Clearly you weren't shopping at my Fabricland. I'm glad that they were willing to be flexible for you, my store would never have done this.

    1. I feared that they would say no, but I lucked out. Or it could be all the cash/time I spend at the place? I don't know.


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