Saturday, 8 December 2012


The latest project on the sewing table is a men's shirt, McCall's 2447.  The fabric is a light blue 100% cotton shirting.

This project is going to take some time with all the topstitching. Despite the time this is taking, I do like the look.

What I don't like is the feel and bulk of the serged seams.

Yes, I did. My bad.

Serged seams have a time and place but I'm not entirely convinced that they belong in a tailored shirt.  I'm going to continue with the McCall's instructions but I can already see things that I would like to change.

Flat-felled seams are commonly found in menswear but they are not called for in the McCall's instructions for this shirt. The next shirt will have flat-felled seams costing me even more time, I suspect.

And for the next shirt, I'll skip the serger and take the time to grade all enclosed seams to help them lay flat and smooth.

For now, it is time to call it a night. Tomorrow, if I can find some time to sew, it is onto the collar and sleeves. I'll be thrilled if I get the collar checked off my list. We'll see...

Happy Sewing!    

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