Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pattern Give Away Winner

I know, I'm late and already onto my second coffee. It was a busy day! Cute baby to hold and cherish the moment, housework and well just life. Glorious life got in the way!

I'm here now and ready to announce the Pattern Give-away Winner!

Drum roll please...

Number 5!

Congratulations Crochet Novice! Crochet Novice's favourite sewing project was thumb pincushions. I'm intrigued, and googled thumb pincushions. I never heard of thumb pincushions before reading that comment. I think thumb pincushions are too cute, you'll have to check them out if you were like me.    

Crochet Novice, if you would like to email me at grrracar (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know where you would like me to mail the pattern, I will send your Vogue 8684 on its way.

Happy Sewing!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I have some scheduled post to come before the year's end. If I don't make it back to post before then, Happy New Year!


  1. So this pattern is heading its way to the Caribbean! Congrat's to Crochet Novice - now to check out what a thumb pincushion is...J


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