Monday, 7 November 2011

Sew, I'm taking a break from the finishing touches on the dress. I just have buttons and buttonholes to complete and then it is all done. I try to get photos with it on up this week. I have to tell you I love the pattern.  

But until then I thought I would tell you about my latest trip to the fabric store.  

My latest fabric score to be added to the stash.  
My local fabric store, Fabricland, had a big sale this weekend. Fifty percent off almost everything. Well, almost everything. Some items were 70% off. It was crazy in there! Apparently, they have these types of sales twice a year.

Anyway, I had to go check it out and I stumbled across this lovely fabric above.

It feels like a medium weight polyester but it's label said it was an unknown fibre content.

I didn't care, the colours and the pattern just had my creative juices flowing. I had to get some, oh and some grey lining just in case it turns into this dress, Vogue 8765.

This Burda Style pattern made it home with me too.

This dress pattern, Vogue 8667, I wouldn't have considered until I saw a few stunning versions of this dress. Karen at Did You Make That? and Eugenia at Eugenia's (Fabulous) World of Fashion have both made gorgeous versions of this dress.

I have a green wool crepe in my fabric stash, but I did pick up some green polka-dot lining to go with it. My plan is to make Version B and my fingers are crossed that it turns out as nice as Karen and Eugenia's versions.

So that was what I picked up on Friday. I had plans on going back this weekend to pick up a couple of Simplicity patterns for my niece and sewing staples.  I did so this afternoon, the last day of the sale.

I picked up some interfacing, more lining fabric, and .6 metres of this fabulous fun fur to sew a muff. And the young sales clerk asked me for my Fabricland membership card.

"Oh yes, of course" I said as I dug through my wallet. And then dug through my purse.  

Well, can you believe I couldn't find my Fabricland membership card that would get me the discounts!  

It is not like I'm a new member or a stranger to the store. Surely, they will allow me to pick up the items at the members price. Uh, no.

So I left empty handed. Sent off to find my Fabricland membership card and wait for the next big sale.


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  2. Aw pooey, that sucks.

    I had meant to get back there to buy more fabric, but I (probably luckily) didn't make it back this weekend. I did find some Simplicity patterns, though, and now I sort of wish I'd found that dress pattern, because I really like the lines of it. The neckline is pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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