Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oh My Goodness!

I am hurting this morning, my upper back and neck are playing havoc on my body. It is my own fault. I have no one to blame but me. And if I could kick myself in the pants I would.

Yesterday, I was sewing the taffeta bows and I spent too much time all at once at the sewing machines. How do people do this for a living?

I can barely move my neck without it hurting. I'll admit my posture was likely, okay it wasn't, the best while I was sewing. I was working on a fold out table that was not the best height and in the basement without the best light. And I sat there in that poorly aligned position for too long. My own fault.

I think this weekend I'm not sewing. I can use a chiropractor though.

On that note I bid adieu, sew safely.   


  1. Aw, I hope you feel better after a break.

  2. Thank Heather. I think I learned my lesson: stretch before any marathon length sewing.


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