Saturday, 10 September 2011

Long at last!

There are finally pictures to post of the Style jacket and Vogue dress made for Mama R!   

In an attempt to avoid begging, I resorted to a technique referred to as Portuguese guilt.  

"I made you a nice suit and you won't even pose for a picture?" I said.

Not my finest moment, I'll admit, but it worked.  

And here is the photographic proof.  

Mama R is thrilled with the suit. I didn't want to point out that the next jacket I make for her I'll try to make an adjustment so that the bust dart in the front falls a little lower. 
She didn't seem to notice, I think she was just so thrilled to have a jacket that she's comfortable enough to button.  
Do you like the buttons? They're vintage from Mama R's own collection.   

Elbow darts

The sleeve pattern for the jacket has elbow darts. I love the nice fit that it gives around the arm.

I will admit that I had some trouble fitting the sleeve. I don't usually have difficulty with setting in sleeves.

I think the next jacket I'll make I'll try to adjust the armhole opening or maybe the curve on the sleeve. Hmmm, I'll have to give some thought to this issue.

I did cut out lining for the jacket but as it was coming together Mama R asked it could become an unlined jacket. The front facing was certainly generous enough to omit the lining.

The pattern allows for an inch hemline, but Mama R was right in pointing out that it would look good a bit longer.

So we decided head to the fabric store for some wide bias tape to fix that issue.

That's when Mama R found some more fabric to make another suit.  


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  1. What a great suit. She looks lovely in it! I adore the collar, it really frames her face nicely. :)

    That's when Mama R found some more fabric to make another suit.

    AHAHAHA! Oh, I understand that. I guess that means that she really liked the suit!


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