Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In sewing news today...

No actual sewing... 

I have a full-blown head cold and just sitting here drinking a neo-citron, blowing my nose, and hoping for a restful sleep. So there is no actual sewing activity to report.

The Marcy Tilton jacket will just have to wait, at least until my head stops throbbing.

The waiting game... 

I agreed to do some sewing for the church. But I did have to ask for some help with ordering the supplies needed.

Mama R and I spent our Saturday hitting the fabric stores in search of 15 metres of 150 cm wide burgundy fabric in a town that has been home to the demise of fabric stores. Well, that is not totally accurate, quilting fabric seems to have taken over the floor space of most once-thriving home-sewing fabric space.

But I digress...

I returned to church office to offer my report, a sample of fabric, and a business card that I received from Mitchell Fabrics. Along with the instructions from the sales gal to call the store manager about ordering fabric in for the project.

"Can't you call?" I was asked.

"No, do you know how much I have on my plate right now?" I replied. "I need someone to place the order if this [the fabric] is okay and for it to be paid for and picked up. If you can order the supplies that I need and get them to me, I'll do the sewing." I was feeling kind of proud that I wasn't going to take on more than I can handle.

And then I did ended up speaking to the manager of Mitchell's.

Yup, I'm not very good at putting my foot down.

Long story short, the manager at Mitchell's stated that she'll have to look into it further and was uncertain if the fabric could be ordered at this time. She said she would call the church back.

But no call back as of yet. What's up with that?

Could I possibly have discovered why Mitchell's has vast selection of authentic vintage fabrics?

Hopefully, that's not it and fingers are crossed the store manager will call with news that the fabric can be ordered.

Wow, Burda Style!  

I have in my possession the September 2011 copy of Burda Style. It is almost as difficult to find a copy in the bookstore shelves as fifteen metres of burgundy fabric is in a Winnipeg fabric store.

A peak inside and I discover this dress. Love at first sight!

I think this dress is just too cute. So I bought the magazine despite reading, "[t]he boule silhouette is especially suited for larger women, so we have designed it for tall sizes".

Tall sizes, drats! I still want to give it a try though. I'll just have to tweak the pattern to fit my five-one frame.

Don't ask me when I'll find the time to adjust this pattern and sew it with all the other projects I have piling up.

But a gal can dream, can't she?  Sometimes dreams come true.


  1. Hope your cold gets better soon! In the meantime you might (if you haven't already) want to check out Karen's (from Sewing by the Seat of My Pants) account of making the Burda dress
    she wrote several brilliant posts about it (it didn't turn out too well!)

  2. Eugenia, thanks for the heads up on the Burda dress. I appreciated reading her experience with making the dress. I would have missed this otherwise.


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