Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fashion rules are meant to be broken...

This has to be the silliest fashion rule I have ever heard, yet it has survived in North American popular culture for decades. A look into the etymology of the phrase comes up blank. Could it be the work of a clever advertising executive helping a shopping mall / retailer move merchandise back in the 1950s?

I believe that if you wear what you'll be comfortable in, you're sure to look good.

Today's predicted high is suppose to be +27 celsius. As a matter of fact, Environment Canada predicts that September will continue to hold above normal temperatures. Yippee for us!  But that is besides the fact of the silliness of the fashion rule.

It is just too bad that the fabric selection in the fabric stores appear to still adhere to this rule.

Rows and rows of fabric in dark colours are appearing. Winter is not depressing, it is the dark colour selection that retailers try to sell. Rachel Zoe has it right, why not wear white all year round?

But try to find some white or cream wool in the fabric stores. I'll never come across any here in Winnipeg. Could this be the year that it appears?

Katherine Hepburn is right, if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun! And dressing up should be about fun. White symbolizes fun to me, because it is like a blank canvas that you can dress up anyway you want.

Dressing head-to-toe white like in the Rachel Zoe ad isn't me, but I wouldn't mind sewing up a nice white wool skirt for the winter months ahead.

Oh, to make version B of Burdastyle 7283 in white wool! A gal can only dream.



  1. I agree with Kate! Maybe you can find some white wool on the internet and have your "rule-breaking" skirt! ~ Peggy

  2. I think you should wear any colour you like and any time of the year! I also think that 'winter white' it very lovely indeed. I have a white wool jacket that I made from a Burda magazine pattern and I real love to wear that on dreary winter days.


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