Saturday, 9 July 2011

Made it... re-worked

As you may have read in a previous post, my attempt to make Colette Patterns' Crepe turned out to be an epic fail.

Once again, I dove right into a pattern without a muslin. I know, my bad. 

I was sure that the pattern would work since I took such care with measuring, re-measuring, and comparing my measurements with the measurements on the pattern booklet. But I was wrong. The skirt part of the pattern fit beautifully around the hips. The bodice was just out of control. 

The bodice length was too long for my petite stature. I thought that I could shorten it after the fact. I tried to take in some of the fabric at the shoulder seam but it did not work. It just drew attention to the fact that maybe I should also be taking in some fabric from the side seams between the armhole and waist seam as well. But I was wrong. 

I was couple sizes smaller on top than I was in the skirt portion. No fault of Colette Patterns, I often find this problem with trying on clothing at the store. I guess the dress was not meant to be.  

But maybe a skirt?  

It worked. Tim Gunn might be proud? Okay, maybe not.

I cut the bodice so that there would be a wide waistband and finished off the edge with a narrow hem. The skirt hem is machine stitched with a narrow hem as well. 

I still love the pattern, as adorable as I think that it is, I feel that it just might not be for me. The wrap-around skirt is another story. I think I can live with this in my closet.   

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