Saturday, 2 July 2011

Keeping it Simple

So the big fashion news in this country, at the moment, is what is Kate wearing.  You see, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a royal tour of parts of Canada.

Kate is keeping it simple. It works for her. And good choice politically, we're really not a glizty bunch.

When she arrived in Canada she wore a dress by the London-based Canadian-born designer, Erdem Moralioglu. Politically, as Canada and the European Union are engaged in CETA negotiations, a nicely understated statement.

Yesterday at the Canada Day ceremonies at Parliament Hill, the press is all a buzz about Kate's decision to recycle an outfit. You see she wore the dress that she wore for her official engagement photos. Seriously, why would this considered a big deal? Kate looked great and very festive for the occasion as she changed up the look with accessories. Again another subtle statement to the world of politics and economic restraint. Perhaps her stylist has a degree in political science?

Kate's understated elegance has been wooing the media hounds. They praised her decision today when she wore a simple grey dress for a tree planting ceremony. Practical for tree planting, no. But photo worthy, yes.

I'm sure the next few days as Kate and William will travel through Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and the North West Territories she will continue with her simply classic style of dress. I'm not expecting anything whimsical or out of the norm.

But I'm waiting to see what she plans to wear when they arrive in Calgary to open the Calgary Stampede. We know that the Duke and Duchess have accepted an offer to be presented with a pair of custom made cowboy boots. Will she top it off with a cowboy hat perhaps? Or will she don one of Nancy Cherniwchan's stampede fascinators?

The world wide interest in what Kate is wearing doesn't seem to be loosing steam.  As her wedding dress will soon go on display in London later this month and blogs are popping up devoted to what she's wearing, it doesn't appear so. What is our fascination with Kate, or simple Kate as the media has been referring to her as of late?

Do you consider the Duchess of Cambridge a style icon?

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