Saturday, 30 August 2014

August in Review...


There was a flurry of activity going on in the sewing space this month. I have two items that I haven't written a review for yet. Soon, coming soon...

I have to say that August turned out to be the month of sewing bloopers. I was making mistakes left, right and centre! Thankfully, I can see the humour in my mistakes and when needed I did have extra fabric to cut and start all over. I was even able to pick up more of the sky-line fabric when it was on sale this weekend. There might be a do-over on Vogue 1385 but for now it is just fine for work.  

RTW Fast

I am happy to report that even though I have been shopping it was not for RTW.

Did you read Sarai's article / post "How to Shop for Inspiration Instead of Clothing?" It was one of the best reads I found this month. Sarai writes about how shopping for clothes is filled with stress but it doesn't mean that she avoids shopping altogether. She shops at high end retailers to get the inside scope and construction techniques and sewing inspiration.

Inc. Lace motocycle style jacket
I've been busy snapping cell phone photos of head turning worthy items. I found this lace motorcycle jacket by Inc. at The Bay. I was not even tempted to pick it up since that would mean a crazy amount of money and alterations to make it fit. It would be much easier to stitch one up from scratch with this pattern from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick. How cute would a lace moto-style jacket with a peplum be! More spring appropriate than fall though.

I also snapped a photo of this Karl Lagerfeld tweed jacket that I found at an antique shop at The Johnson Terminal (sorry, I can't remember the name of the store). 

What I love about this plaid jacket the most beside that it is made in a yellow plaid is the pockets. Oh my goodness, they were absolutely beautiful, perfectly matched and fully lined.

It looks like a pocket flap but no, it is a patch pocket with a mock pocket flap. Sarai is right, shopping for inspiration is way more fun than shopping for clothes.  

Pattern Give-aways

The summer is coming to an end and so are the pattern give-aways. Back to work next week and a new routine which will put a end to the give-aways for now. The last give-away is set for tomorrow! It has been fun hosting the pattern give-aways and sending these off to people who will appreciate and make fabulous garments with them. Thank you to everyone who entered and messaged me back with links to their finished garments. I do love seeing the patterns made up!

What's next?  

Looks like my sewing frenzy will have to come to an end. I have a few projects for Mama R to take care of and then I'm going to practice teach myself how to do some bound buttonholes. Exciting times! I'm looking to put bound buttonholes on a winter coat I'm getting all excited about. Some slow sewing for sure.  

Well, that's my August in review... 

Added to Stash
70.7 meters
4.2 meters
3.5 meters
Sewing Patterns
Spools of Thread
Sewing Needles
Pant Hooks
0.40 meters
7.2 meters
12 meters
Bias Tape
2 meters
Hook and Eye or other Closures
Basting Tape
7.8 meters
2 rolls

Happy Sewing!  

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Urban Print Jacket

Stash busting 2014:  Vogue 1385

Fabric:   2.9 metres polyester and linen blend

Pattern:  Vogue 1385

I've wanted a jacket out of Sandra Betzina's top pattern, Vogue 1385, ever since I saw her version in the Vogue Pattern magazine earlier this year. This was found on page 81 of the April/May 2014 issue. 

Betzina states that all she did to change it into the jacket shown was to eliminate the front buttons and pleats on the sleeves.  

I followed Betzina's lead and added a couple more changes. I lengthened the jacket by three inches in order to add side pockets that I borrowed from kAtheRine Tilton's top pattern, Butterick 5891. I didn't adjust the sleeve length at all and it is not quite a long sleeve nor a three-quarter length sleeve. It is somewhere in between. If I make another jacket, I'll have to remember to lengthen the sleeve pattern two inches to have a long sleeve length.

The fabric is a polyester and linen blend that I found in the home decor department. It frays like crazy and was a challenge to press. It worked best to press it with a wool setting followed by the pounding block to tame the seam allowances.

Would you believe that there is another sewing blooper in this project. Can you spot what it might be?

This time the sewing is fine. My mistake is in the size. I cut this in a size A which I don't know what I was thinking because I should have cut a size C. Seriously, I don't know what's up with all my sewing mistakes. It is still wearable and I didn't have plans to put buttons on the jacket anyway. This certainly has turned into the month of sewing bloopers.    

Thankfully, it still worked out.  

I have to tell you, I think this is the coolest pattern with the neckline detailing. If you are worried about constructing this project, stop. Sandra Betzina offers video pattern construction for her Today's Fit patterns including this one. You can find them here at this website for a small fee or you can subscribe and have access to many other videos. I didn't order or view any of the videos but I do think it is a cool idea. 

In addition to the video instructions, Betzina provides additional information in the pattern instructions. She suggests different options for finishing the seams. The jacket is meant to be finished with flat-felled seams but Betzina also includes instructions for French seams using three-thread serging. This design also works well if you would like to finish it with Hong Kong (bound) seams. The instructions were wonderful on this pattern. And so are the neckline pleats and darts--my absolute favourite part of this pattern.   

Happy Sewing!  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pattern Give-away Winners

Good morning!  

It is the perfect day for a coat pattern give-away. I woke up to a temperature of +8 (Celsius) a indication that autumn is on its way. And yesterday, my vintage Vogue 1521 coat pattern came in the mail. I'm quite excited about making a coat. I hope you are too.  

So there are two patterns here. First up let's draw for size combination AA. But first I'm going to sort out who entered for this size.  
  1. Annie Case Hanks
  2. Hillary
  3. Kathleen

Congratulations Annie!  Oh dear, Annie did not leave a way that I can reach her. Annie, could you email me at grrracar (at) gmail (dot) com with mailing details and I can pop this in the mail.  

Now for size EE:    
  1. Jecrois EnDieu
  2. cathynd95
  3. MAD14kt
  4. twotoast

Congratulations twotoast! Twotoast blogs over at Spotty Dog Social Club. You'll have to head over and check out her blog.  

Thank you for everyone who entered and offered to give these patterns a good home. One more give-away scheduled for next Sunday.  

Happy Sewing!  

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In Sewing News Today...

Remember the knit dress that I made last month? The one that is not even a month old.  
I made it from a light-weight eyelet embroidered knit fabric that I found in the bargain knit section of Fabricland. It was marked down to 70% off the regular price. I thought I scored such a great deal.  

Turns out, it wasn't such a great deal after all. 

I found these holes when I put it on the other day. It is right in the front of the dress. I can't believe it. They were not there when I cut and finished sewing the dress. And I even took care when I laundered it washing it in the delicate cycle with other knits. 

Now, my knit dress is in the mending pile to try to be selvaged.  I doubt that I can fix these holes without it being noticeable, so once mended the dress will become a night-shirt. You can't have too many night-shirts.  

Bummer on the fabric. Oh well, lesson learned, sometimes a bargain is not a bargain.  

I am finally tackling trying to tackle my mending and alteration pile which I typically avoid like the plague. I hurt  re-injured my ribs on the weekend when I bending down to the bottom of the freezer. Someone really needs to design a chest freezer for short people.

I have Vogue 1385 on the sewing table waiting to transfer all those markings but it hurts to bend down right now. Maybe it was the sewing gods telling me to get busy on the out-of-control mending pile before I head back to work. It is not working out too well because the T-2's are making me drowsy. Or maybe it is that mending and alterations bore me?  In other sewing news...

Would you believe me if I told you I walked into Mitchell Fabrics on Saturday and walked out with only a metre and a half of fair trade cotton knit? Yup, despite all the beautiful fall wools and printed silk charmeuse that I was dreaming about as they draped around my fingers I just walked out with the cotton knit. The plan is to do some practical sewing and make a few more pairs of knickers.

While at Mitchell Fabrics I saw and gasped at the most beautiful fabric I laid my fingers on. It was a 100% cashmere coat weight priced at $250 a metre.  Oh my goodness, it was gorgeous and oh-so-very expensive for this gal's budget. But I did appreciate every second we spent together.

Anyway, that is all in sewing news today... 

See you tomorrow with the announcement of the pattern give-away winners. Did you enter?

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 25 August 2014

McCall's New Fall Patterns

McCall's just released their new Fall Patterns today. 

This pattern, McCall's 7021, is for a knit peplum top with an even hem and three quarter length sleeves!!! I like the neckline too. I'm going pick this one up for sure.  

Love this coat pattern, McCall's 7025. Sadly, it is not practical for the windy city. Besides, I have a lovely Sybil Connolly coat pattern on its way.  But OH MY GOODNESS, is this McCall's coat ever cute.

Here is a practical pattern for my local and life-style. It reminds me of a few vintage patterns that Mama R has sitting in her pattern stash. I'm going to have to show her this pattern, McCall's 7014. She'll get a kick of this classic dress updated with A, B, and C cup sizing.  

Were there any patterns that you can't wait to get your hands on?  

Happy Sewing!  

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pattern Give-away: Vintage Vogue Coat Pattern

I've been thinking about sewing a winter coat (again). I found a new pattern which is on its way so I thought that these pattern need to find a good home. 

This Sunday's pattern give-away is for a gorgeous original 1953 design, Vogue 1083, my original choice for a winter coat. Both patterns are unopened and uncut. One is for size AA which includes sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and the other is for EE which includes sizes 14, 16, 18, 20.    

I will draw two winners for each size combination. Here's the drill, 
  • Promise not to sell them.  
  • Provide a good home where they will be cherished, shared and made into fabulous garments.  
  • Please leave a message below stating which combination size you would like and with a way that I can reach you if you win. 
  • I will draw for these patterns on Wednesday, August 27th.  
  • This pattern give-away is open to everyone, I will ship internationally.  
Pattern details, 
Misses' Coat:  Lined and interlined, flared, loose-fitting coat , below mid-calf length has shaped collar, dropped shoulders, side seam pockets and back yoke.  Wide bracelet length sleeves may be worn turned up to form deep cuffs.  A:  no closures.  B:  Button and bound buttonholes.  A, B:  wide topstitching.  
Good luck and happy sewing!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lynn Mizono Dress

Fabric:     3 metres

Pattern:    Vogue 1410

Thread:    Polished off another spool of thread.

Elastic:     1 metre of elastic cord

Cord Stopper:    1

Oh my gosh, I actually laughed when I saw the shape of the pattern pieces when I first opened this pattern. My hips were begging the rest of my body to do a happy dance. And I do believe that I did give into that plea. I didn't have to worry about this dress fitting over my hips!   

There are only two pattern pieces, front and back. The armhole and neckline are finished with a roll hem. I did have some bias tape in my stash that I was thinking about using around the neckline and armholes but the narrow hem worked fine.

I really like this pattern. I'm quickly becoming a huge Lynn Mizono fan.  This is the third Mizono design that I have constructed and I like them all.  The dress is constructed with french seams and the total seam allowance ends up being 3/4" (1/4" trimmed to 1/8" then sewn 1/2"). The large seam allowances hold the inner buttons that allow for draping and adjustable lengths. I didn't include the inner buttons or hemline buttonhole since I just plan to wear this at the longest length. The dress also drapes with the front elastic cord and stopper in place.

The fabric I picked up the in home decor department. It is a lightweight 100% polyester that has been embroidered.

It is not the recommended fabric for this project. Instead, this pattern recommends fabrics (stretch poplin, seersucker, silk dupioni, and lightweight wool crepe) that have more drape. I do have some silk and wool crepe in my stash but I wanted to try a version out first before I cut into my good fabric.   I know my fabric choice is unconventional and I'm good with that.

I found that I didn't need 3 metres of fabric as suggested on the pattern envelope. I used about 2.4 metres and even managed to cut out large patch pockets with the scraps. That said, I did shorten the pattern.  

The dress pulls together quite quickly. I made this in an afternoon. I spent some time basting the fold and stitching lines. Totally unnecessary if I chose a different fabric I only did it because of the slippery-ness of my fabric.

I think if I were to change anything on this pattern it would be to change the shape of the neckline. I would certainly raise the front neckline and shorten the shoulder seam. I actually took in the shoulder seam another 5/8" after trying it on. Minor changes and an easy fix. And for sure I would add pockets again. I actually copied Demented Fairy's dress that has pockets added--it was a great idea!

Happy Sewing!


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