Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham has been called a fashion photographer, street photographer, journalist, cultural anthropologist and genuine human being. 

Bill Cunningham via The Washington Post

The documentary Bill Cunningham New York! reminds us that all these labels are true and only scratch the surface. Sadly, the world woke up to the news of his passing yesterday. I think the Washington Post describes the importance of his work eloquently when Robin Givhan wrote, 
His death also means that fashion reporting — and the wider world of journalism — has been been deflated, diluted, weakened. That is the more profound sadness.
Givhan alludes to the fact that Cunningham never was swayed by the wealth, glamour, or commodities that he observed. Cunningham profoundly observed that money is the cheapest thing, and that freedom and liberty were the most expensive. He refused to give up his artist freedom throughout his career which gained him much admiration for his honest portrayal of the world around him. He was an astute observer of those who were slaves to fashion, the changing social mores across decades, and the significant political and social messages found on the streets. It was Bill Cunningham who became the authentic fashion revolutionary.  

It is a sad day indeed.  Rest in peace Mr. Cunningham.  

Thursday, 23 June 2016

In Sewing News Today...

There hasn't been a whole lot of sewing this month. I think I actually accomplished more sewing relating stuff when I was recovering from knee surgery. There has been shopping though.  

I found this linen, cotton, and polyester blend Paris print in the home decor department of the fabric store. I was all smitten over this piece of cloth ever since I laid eyes on it. The plan is to turn it into a Marcy Tilton coat. The orange and yellow polyester satin is going to be the lining fabric. I've been sitting on Vogue 8934 ever since it was released, waiting for the right fabric to come along. I think this is it.  

I just need to find my sewing mojo to tackle all these projects I have stock piling. I do believe that allergy season has been contributing to my recent lack of sewing mojo. Seems like everyone is celebrating the arrival of the summer solstice and I'm wishing for the first frost. Don't hate me. 

In other sewing news, did you see Rhonda's Wednesday showcase this week? There's a link to a new-to-me online store call Spoonflower, Designs by Renelope. There are some really fun urban designs that I would love to play with, like the Moonlight Traffic fabric. But first, I must put a dent into this stash I have that has been growing.  

Well, that is all in sewing news today... 

Happy Sewing!   


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

New & Improved!

I'm still on a microwave bowl potholder kick. I made two more! Do you want to see? 

 Microwave action shots.

I'm putting these up at the Etsy shop if you're interested. Here are some close-up shots of the prints used on these reversible microwave bowl potholders.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 20 June 2016

I Finally Made Something!

I finally sat down and made something. Okay, before we get all excited, it was a really simple project. Although, I did have to figure out a few things first. But before I get ahead of myself...    

I made a bowl cozy! I've wanted to make one ever since I spotted a rooster print one over on this Etsy shop. I think the next one I make I will increase the width of the darts so that it hugs the bowl a bit more.  

I think the size is perfect and it really doesn't need any adjustments since it will do it's job as it is, I just think I would like it to have more lift. Personal preference, nothing more.  

It's made with a 100% quilting cotton for the outside fabrics, Wrap-N-Zap™ micro-wave safe 100% natural cotton batting for the inside, and stitched with 100% cotton thread. I found the vintage camera and film print fabric at Fabricland. Cute, eh?  

Happy Sewing!  


Monday, 13 June 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Hello lovely sewing people,

I've been taking a wee un-intentional break from sewing. It's been over three weeks since I sat down and completed something. Life (and sinus infections) sometimes gets in the way of my sewing hobby.  

I actually played some soccer this week. I was working an after school shift and convinced by a wee little gal who had manners that melt your heart. And there is the Euro Cup that started this week, watching soccer is much easier on my limbs but still distracting me away from the sewing table 

In other sewing news (or lack of sewing), I'm quite excited about finding Spectrum Noir markers which are supposed work well on fabric. They have two felt tip ends, one for wide lettering and the other end for smaller text. I can't wait to try them out. The plan is to recreate this bag. I want a whole bunch of them!

Talking about shopping I found myself at Fabricland yesterday and I almost fainted when I saw the price of terry cloth the kind to make bathrobes. Are you sitting down? Fifty-two dollars (Cdn) per metre! When did terry cloth get so expensive? It has been decades since I made myself a robe and it shows in the worn patches. I was thinking about making a new one and replacing the old worn one that I currently have, until I saw the price of the fabric. But I will admit that it's a beautiful plush fabric to touch. For a project that calls for 3.8 metres of 150 cm or 5.4 metres of 115 cm wide fabric, this fabric will remain in my dreams.

I do have some stable knit fabric in my stash that Mama R reminded me about and which will work as a new bathrobe fabric. Remember this cardigan I made for Mama R? Well, I still have over six metres of this fabric in my stash and she's right, it will be perfect for a new robe! And at the bargain price ninety-nine cents a metre, it will be more in line with the budget.    

Mama R changed her mind on a black mourning cardigan jacket so Vogue 8916 is back on the shelf. I'm glad because my heart really wasn't into this project.

Did you watch the Tony Awards last night? When the camera caught Andrea Martin in her off-the-shoulder dress, I had a moment of wanting to sew the look.  Maybe OOP Vogue 1038 is going to jump queue.

I'm not sure when I'm going to be heading back into the sewing space... maybe in a couple of weeks when I'm laid off from work again and the Euro Cup winds down?

Until then, Happy Sewing!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

In Sewing News Today...

I was window shopping for my favourite trend right now. I thought I would try the look on to see if I want to jump in all the way and pick up Simplicity 8124. I still have plans to make OOP Vogue 1038.

But I've been seeing really cute versions of this pattern popping up all over the place. Once I tried on a similar RTW style I came to the conclusion that the fullness of the bodice just didn't sit right with my body shape. It was an interesting voyage into the RTW landscape. I came across this off-the shoulder top.

I like that it has sleeves and cuffs. I wasn't so keen on the nipple blockers, otherwise it is two useless flaps right were one's bust would sit.

On top of being useless, the flaps are not even! It is times like this that I'm so grateful that I can sew my own wardrobe.

In other sewing news, my off-the-shoulder look will have to wait. Mama R has a priority request. Last weekend her beloved brother, my uncle, passed away. He had a long and sad battle with cancer, may he be in peace. A couple of years ago, I worked on a mourning wardrobe for Mama R when we feared the worst was near. And now Mama R has one more request, a jacket.

It is with a heavy heart, love, and prayers that I work on this project. I was able to find some black crepe in my stash that I believe will work. 

The jacket pattern is one that I've already made and is a tried and true pattern, OOP Vogue 8916. It is a project that I can't procrastinate on and hope that I can finish this weekend even though it will require underlining and quite a bit of hand-stitching. Busy weekend ahead.

After I have these two projects done, I hope to go back to a unfinished project that has been quite the challenge, OOP Vogue 1521.

The project is stalled at the sleeves, but I think I found inspiration to tackle the set-in sleeves again. I found Claire B. Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques at the library and there is a section on lowering a sleeve cap. Fingers are crossed this will work.

Well, that is all in sewing news today...

Happy Sewing!  

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me-Made-May 2016: The Final Stretch

Well, Me-Made-May 2016 is closing and I did manage to wear at least one me-made item each day this month. No big deal there. It was an insightful exercise for discovering where some future makes might fill a hole or two in my wardrobe. So, it goes down that maybe I should make some knickers, a new robe, and more pj's.

Wednesday, May 25th, I wore 2 me-made items.
Workwear:  RTW black knit dress; black and white top (Katherine Tilton design), Butterick 5891; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra).

Day and Nightwear:  Home sick by noon promptly proceeded with a change into my nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600; RTW wool socks.
Accessories:  Black handbag; Mephisto black suede slip-ons; Ray Ban sunglasses.
Lessons learned:  Feeling too sick to think straight.  

Thursday, May 26th, I wore one me-made items.
Sick day:  Blue and black plaid nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600; RTW knickers.
Nightwear:  Blue and black plaid nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600.
Accessories:  None.
Lessons learned:  Still feeling too sick to think straight.

Friday, May 27, I wore three me-made items.
Workwear:  Blue knit dress, Vogue 9060 and Vogue 1312; yellow cardigan; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra); RTW black spring coat.

Accessories:  Black leather handbag; black wrist brace; tan coloured wedge shoes.
Lessons learned:

Saturday, May 28, I wore two me-made items.

Accessories:  None
Lessons Learned:  When you're sick, it is easy to spend the whole day in bed without disrupting your evening sleep.  

Sunday, May 29, I wore three me-made items.
Weekend wear:  Black and white knit skirt, OOP Butterick 5790; RTW black sleeveless knit top; RTW black knit cardigan; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra).  

Accessories:  Black Mephisto slip-ons, black leather handbag; wrist brace.  
Lessons Learned:  Some of my favourite items to wear were made from OOP patterns.  

Monday, May 30, I wore three me-made items.  
Workwear:  Black sateen skirt, OOP McCall's 7870; RTW black and white polka dot top; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra).  
Accessories:  Black Mephisto slip-ons; black leather handbag; black wrist brace.  
Lessons Learned:  Too tired to think.  

Tuesday, May 31, I wore two me-made items.  
Workwear:  Burgundy shirtdress, OOP Butterick 5760; RTW undergarments (tights, bra, knickers); RTW black spring coat.  

Nightwear:  Black and blue flannel plaid nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600; RTW knit pants; RTW socks.  
Accessories:  Black leather handbag; blue umbrella; burgundy Hunter rain boots; tan coloured leather sneakers.  
Lessons Learned:  I learned that I can really use some me-made knickers, a new robe, and some more pj's.  

Happy Sewing!  


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