Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Me-Made-May Update

It really was a struggle to write a MMM update get out of bed most days this week. One more week to go. How is your Me-Made-May going?    

On Sunday, May 15th, I wore 2 me-made item.
Weekend wear:  Lace print spring coat, OOP Burda 7304; red vintage cotton knit skirt; RTW Kate Spade cotton and cashmere button-front cardigan; RTW vanilla coloured lace scarf; RTW undergarments (bra and knickers).

Accessories:  Red Ralph Lauren wedged shoes; red stone ring; and black leather handbag.
Lessons learned today:  Giving small unexpected gifts can make someone feel great and that is an amazing feeling.  

On Monday, May 16th, I wore three me-made items (if only briefly).
Workwear:  Blue and white pinstriped cotton pants (Rachel Comey designer), Vogue 1507, briefly until they split and ended up in the mending pile; RTW sleeveless blue top; RTW blue and white striped linen jacket; Rachel Comey skirt, OOP Vogue 1247; RTW jeans; RTW white tee-shirt; RTW undergarments (Bra, knickers, and socks); RTW red knit lined spring jacket.

Nightwear:  Blue and black plaid flannel dress worn as a nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600.  
Accessories:  Black Mephisto; Burgundy Hunter rubber boots; floral print sneakers; wrist brace; gray sport socks; Ray Ban sunglasses; hat; and black leather handbag.
Lessons learned today:  When you work at a school it is always a good thing to have a change of clothes in the car.  You never know what your day will bring--a whole day outdoors.  

On Tuesday, May 17th, I wore two me-made items.
Workwear:  Black light-weight wool pants, OOP Vogue 1325; RTW green and black plaid shirt; green and black hoodie, Butterick 6253; RTW undergarments (bra, knickers, black lace socks).

Nightwear:  RTW knit shirt and pants.  
Accessories:  Black leather Mephisto; black leather handbag; and wrist brace.
Lessons learned today:  Always wear sunscreen and re-apply it throughout the day. Oh, and never say, "I don't burn." The day just might come. And ouch!  Did I mention that I really miss the snow?   

On Wednesday, May 18th, I wore one me-made items.
Sick day:  RTW knit shirt and pants; animal print wrap dress, OOP vintage Vogue 7014; RTW Merlino wool cardigan; RTW undergarments (knickers, bra and black cotton socks).

Nightwear:  RTW knit shirt and pants.  
Accessories:  Black leather handbag and black suede Mephisto.  
Lessons learned today:  Home sick with a throat and sinus infection. I assumed that I wasn't feeling well because of being out in the heat all day on Monday and dealing with allergies. Boy was I wrong. Looked like a freak today as I was sporting a sunburned face,  feeling chilled and wore a sweater to a doctor's appointment while it seemed like everyone else was dressed for summer-time weather. Sewing wise, I could use some pj's.  

On Thursday, May 19th, I wore two me-made items.
Sick day:  Knit dress, Vogue 1234; white terry robe, OOP Simplicity 7417; RTW cream coloured sweater; RTW knickers.

Nightwear:  Ummm, I slept in my clothes.   
Accessories:  none.  
Lessons learned today:  Learned nothing, just suffered.   

On Friday, May 20th, I briefly wore one me-made items.
Sick day:  Knit dress, Vogue 1234; and RTW socks until I finally dragged myself to the tub for a bath and then changed into my pyjamas.

Nightwear:  RTW knit pants and nightshirt.  
Accessories:  none.  
Lessons learned today:  Sinus headaches are the worse.   

On Saturday, May 21th, I wore two me-made items.
Weekend wear:  Blue cotton knit dress, Vogue 6090 and 1312; RTW yellow cardigan; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra).

Nightwear:  Animal print flannel nightshirt, McCall's 2476; RTW blue and white polka-dot knit pants. Yea, I know they don't match and I was feeling under the weather so I didn't care.   
Accessories:  Black leather handbag; yellow sandals; Ray Ban sunglasses.   
Lessons learned today:  Dressed to run errands and then back into my jammies and bed.  

On Sunday, May 22nd, I wore two me-made items.
Weekend wear:  Black and tan striped RTW but altered knit dress; black RTW cardigan; RTW undergarments; black skirt (Marcy Tilton design), Vogue 9060; RTW Kate Spade black and white striped tee-shirt; and RTW cotton sweater.  

Nightwear:  Animal print flannel nightshirt, McCall's 2476; RTW blue and white polka-dot knit pants; SmartWool socks.  
Accessories:  Tan sling back wedge heeled shoe; black leather Mephisto; black leather handbag.   
Lessons learned today:  In my older and wiser years, I notice that I'm embracing comfort (Mephistos) over style (heels) as I changed my shoes in the church parking lot.  

On Monday, May 23rd, I wore two me-made items.
Weekend wear (Long weekend here):  Blue and white striped cotton pants (Rachel Comey design), Vogue 1507; RTW blue cotton short sleeved tee-shirt; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra).  

Nightwear:  Blue and black flannel plaid dress (worn as a nightshirt), OOP McCall's 6600.  
Accessories:  Black leather handbag; black leather Mephisto.  
Lessons learned today:  Still sick, but at least I got dressed.  

On Tuesday, May 24th, I wore two me-made items.
Workwear:   Floral knit skirt, Vogue 9060; green short sleeve shirt, Butterick 6182; RTW cream coloured sweater; RTW undergarments (knickers and bra).

Nightwear:  Blue and black flannel plaid dress (worn as a nightshirt), OOP McCall's 6600. 
Accessories:  Black leather handbag; black Mephisto (worn for comfort); tan wedged shoes (worn for work).  
Lessons learned today:  I rather admire shoes than wear them. 

Happy Sewing!  

Monday, 23 May 2016

Two Favourite Patterns =

Take two favourite patterns and they equal one comfortable summer dress.

This is a pattern merger between Marcy Tilton's skirt pattern, Vogue 9060, and Lynn Mizono's dress pattern, Vogue 1312. I cut the Vogue 9060 skirt pieces, minus the waistband, straight out of the envelope. Same with the bodice from Vogue 1312 and it was like these pattern pieces were made for each other. I don't know why I had some reservations about this merger.  

Vogue 1312
Vogue 9060


There was no tweaking or alterations to make things fit, everything worked together with out any issues. It was like this was meant to be. And I was able to whip this dress up in an afternoon. I really like the self-lined bodice with a raised waist offered in the Vogue 1312 dress pattern. And I like how comfortable Marcy Tilton's skirt is to wear. I did have some fear that the length wouldn't be to my liking since I would be missing some of the length gained with the waistband but there was no need to worry, the length is my idea of perfect. The dress was hemmed with a rolled hem.  

The fabric is a cotton knit that has been in my stash for a long time. I have no idea when or where I purchased this fabric. It worked out to be the perfect amount for a long sleeve version but I changed my mind while I was sewing it up and went sleeveless. I'll just have to throw a cardigan over it to wear it to work. As a sleeveless dress it will be perfect for those hot summer days ahead. The fabric wasn't pre-treated, my bad. My fingers are crossed that it doesn't shrink because I really like the fit. This project was stitched using the knit stitch on my sewing machine. And I do believe that I will have to make another one.

The Stats:

Fabric:  3.2 metres of cotton knit

Thread:  Just cleaned up whatever shades of unfinished spools of blue that I had on hand. I managed to finish off one spool of thread.

Patterns:  Vogue 1312 and 9060.

Additions Tools and Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, walking foot, scissors, clippers, tweezers, pins, pin cushion, measuring tape, cutting table, ten minute breaks every thirty minutes, a nap or two, box of kleenex, Tylenol, and water.

Happy Sewing!  

Saturday, 21 May 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

I should be enjoying the long weekend but instead I'm recovering from another sinus and throat infection. It has been a rough week. 

Let's just say there hasn't been a whole lot of sewing going on. Instead, I've been lying in bed trying to think where in the world I put down Simplicity 2372. Yup, Mama R's favourite pattern. 

I've misplaced it. And the sad part is that there are no retailers that sell Simplicity patterns in the city. And would you believe that it is more economical to pick up this pattern from an Etsy seller than from the Simplicity pattern website? That might be because I'm not tempted to throw in Simplicity 8046 as well.  

Maybe it is a good thing that no one in the city sells Simplicity patterns because this would likely have become an impulse purchase. Don't need another dress pattern. Don't need another dress pattern. But it is cute. Well, I did pick up another copy of Simplicity 2372 because of all the patterns Mama R's favourite dress pattern is the most important one in the collection. Who knows, by the time it arrives I might have found it and I won't have to alter those shoulder seams again. Have you ever lost a cherished pattern? It certainly has caused a few sleepless nights.

In other sewing news, Fabricland is celebrating the long weekend with a big sale. I received a email notification that there is a sale on wool. Really? I want a near-by, local fabric store that will sell sewing patterns and fabric not one that is turning into a craft and home decor store. It makes me feel nostalgic for the days when there were more near-by options in the city and when I could pick up a Simplicity pattern without paying an arm and a leg in shipping cost and exchange rates. You know in the by-gone days. Is sewing a dying art? Regardless, I do hope to get some sewing in this weekend [fingers crossed]. It is not a dying art around here.

Well, that's all in sewing news today....  Have a lovely weekend.

Happy Sewing!

Update:  I found it! And I was able to cancel the order. Phew! Boy, it is amazing what you can find when you start tidying up the workspace.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Monday's Mending Pile

I'm one of those people who would rather make something new than sit down and fix something, yup mending doesn't always fill my creative spirit. This is contrasted by my despair over our very disposable society and the state of cheap fashion fashion filling up the RTW landscape before ending up in the landfill. I feel like I've created my own landfill of mending items waiting for the mundane to be attended to.  

I do mend, in part, because I'm frugal. I'm not ashamed to admit it. That happens when one works in an industry where you're laid off three times a year and you're never completely sure if your contract is going to be renewed. Most recently, runs in my tights and holes in my socks were fixed with hopes of extending their life. I'm not ashamed of that little fact, I would actually be ashamed if I were to discard these items because of these wee temporary flaws. I would still mend these items even if my employment situation wasn't so precarious.   

According to an Environmental Protection Agency report in 2011, thirteen million tons of discarded clothes are filling up landfills. I'm sure that things haven't improved over the last five years. 

I was cleaning up my sewing space and going through the scraps and chopped up RTW sweaters that I have collected over the years. I need to get busy and start piecing them together and make more blankets.   

Happy Sewing!  

Monday's Mending Pile

A new item ended up on the mending pile this morning.

Yup, my new pants, Vogue 1507, split right down the middle for a little peep show. Thankfully, it happened before I left for work and had time to change. Moral of the story, it's probably a good thing to double stitch the crotch seam. I didn't do that, my bad.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer Pants

I've wanted to make these Rachel Comey pants, Vogue 1507, ever since I laid eyes on this pattern. 
It became a slow process while I tried to source a proper zipper. Like others who have already made the pants, I had trouble finding a six inch separating zipper in my local market. I should note that no where on the pattern envelope, Vogue pattern website, or the feature in Vogue Sewing magazine does it mention that you need a separating zipper! It is not until you open the pattern instruction sheet that your see this to be true. 

And if you are shopping for Vogue patterns in Canada, you can't even check the instruction sheets before you decide on purchasing on a pattern. Tsk-tsk, Vogue patterns. You've sent a few of us on a wild goose chase. I don't think it would have broke the printing budget to add the word "separating" and maybe list some sources where to find this required item in your magazine or website. In case you're considering this project and would like to find a separating zipper, check out this post on some recommended suppliers readers so generously offered. Don't be discouraged from trying this pattern, these zipper sources delivered a custom sized zipper quickly and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the product and service.

I forgot to suck in my stomach.
My bad.

What can I say about these pants on me. First off, my elbow does not bend like the model's elbow does in hand-in-pocket pose.  Yup, these pockets seem like they are set very low on my petite-sized short-armed (and leg) body. But I love the pockets none-the-less!

I love everything about these pants, they are so comfortable. I'm already planning to make another pair in white denim. I do have some changes in mind.

I did note Erica Bunker's comment about the front wide waist was a single layer and she wished that she had interfaced and lined it. I didn't interface it but I did cut a second piece of my fashion fabric and made a facing. I will do this again. I also agree with Erica's comment that the waist is big, I found the same thing.

I do like how it fits through the hips and thighs, just the waist needs to be tweaked a bit. I did take advantage of the multi-sized pattern markings. The crotch was cut as a size 14 and the rest of the pants were cut as a size 18 because I don't like my pants being too fitted around my hips.

Even though it would be easier to take the waist in from the sides, I feel that it looks better when I took it in from the centre back. I'll have to make this change on the pattern piece before I cut out the next pair.

The fabric is a blue and white striped cotton that I found at Northwest Fabrics. It is light-weight and make these a perfect pair of summer-time pants. I pretreated the fabric with a wash, tumble in the dryer, and press before I set out to cut my fabric. The fabric handled the pre-treatment process without any issues.

The Stats:

Fabric:       2.2 metres of 100% light-weight cotton.

Interfacing:  0.20 metre of fusible interfacing.

Bias tape:    0.40 metres

Zipper:       1 - 6" separating zipper

Thread:       100% cotton thread.

Additional tools and supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, walking foot, zipper foot, scissors, thread clippers, hand needle, iron, ironing board, advice from the online sewing community, many breaks in between thirty minute sprints of sewing, coffee, and Shakespeare audio CD (listening to Julius Caesar for work).

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Me-Made-May Update

What a week. The weather started off absolutely gorgeous and would you believe that there were snowflakes falling yesterday? I actually had to dig out my down-filled winter jacket!

On Saturday, May 7th, I wore four me-made items.
Weekend wear:  White vintage designed back pleated skirt, OOP vintage Vogue 2885; pleated peplum shirt, Butterick 6097; RTW jeans; RTW scruffy old navy t-shirt; RTW cotton socks.

Nightwear:  Pink velour pants and tunicVogue 9193; RTW socks.
Accessories:  Black handbag; wrist brace; burgundy Mephistos; burgundy Hunter rainboots.
Lessons learned today:  Some of my favourite pieces have some pretty cool pleating details. 

On Sunday, May 8th, I wore six me-made items.
Weekend wear:  Black pants, OOP Vogue 1325; Marcy Tilton top, OOP Vogue 8709; Lynn Mizono black linen blend dress, Vogue 1312; A-lined skirt, New Look 6108; RTW undergarments; RTW Kate Spade cotton and cashmere cardigan.
Nightwear:  Pink velour pants and tunicVogue 9193; RTW socks.

Accessories:  Black handbag; black briefcase; red wedge heeled shoes; burgundy Mephistos; bandages; wrist brace and garden gloves.
Lessons learned today:  Not a good idea to pull out weeds from the flower beds in a linen dress and Mephistos but my jeans were in the wash and they're my only pair.  Oh, I need to sew a pair of jeans.     

On Monday, May 9th, I wore three me-made items.
Workwear:  Knit wrap dress, OOP Vogue 7014; RTW undergarments (knickers, slip, and bra); RTW cream coloured sweater.

Nightwear:   Pink velour pants and tunicVogue 9193; and white terry cotton bathrobe; OOP Butterick .
Accessories:  Black handbag; black briefcase; cream coloured wedged heels.
Lessons learned today:  Air-conditioned environments sometimes call for cold-weather garments despite how hot it is outside.  

On Tuesday, May 10th, I wore two me-made pieces.
Workwear:  Black Marcy Tilton skirt, Vogue 9060; RTW red Kate Spade cardigan; RTW black jacket; black pantyhose; RTW knickers and bra; black RTW raincoat.
Nightwear:  RTW knit pajama bottoms; knit fleece top, Simplicity 2289.

Accessories:  Wrist braces; Hunter rubber boots; floral slip-on sneakers; red leather flats; black and white polka-dot head band.
Lessons learned today:  Timing is everything.  I happened to be in a classroom when the teacher was reading a book to the class, "There she is, all dressed in black, the head witch!" As the teacher pointed to me standing in the back of the room, with the back faced to the class, oblivious to the words just read out-loud.  

On Wednesday, May 11th, I wore two me-made pieces.
Workwear:  Green and white coloured ponte knit pullover dress, OOP Vogue 9625; RTW green cotton knit cardigan; RTW undergarments and panty-hose.
Nightwear:  RTW knit pajama bottoms; knit fleece top, Simplicity 2289.

Accessories:  Wrist braces; Hunter rubber boots; tan coloured leather lace-up sneakers.
Lessons learned today:  Sometimes I get compliments on things that I think are not worthy of a compliment.  

On Thursday, May 12th, I wore two me-made pieces.
Workwear:  Gray and blue pin-striped wool pants, OOP Vogue 1325; green wool pull-over sweater; RTW undergarments; gray tights; down-filled winter jacket; and black gloves.
Nightwear:  RTW knit pyjama bottoms; knit fleece top, Simplicity 2289.
Accessories:  Wrist braces, Hunter rubber boots; tan coloured leather lace-up sneakers; floral slip-on sneakers.
Lessons learned today:  May weather can be unpredictable!  

On Friday, May 13th, I wore me-made pieces.
Workwear:  Burgandy shirt-dress, OOP Butterick 5760; blue Katherine Tilton designer hoodie, Butterick 6253; RTW undergarments (bra, knickers, tights); down-filled winter jacket; black gloves.

Nightwear:  Brushed cotton plaid dress worn as a nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600.
Accessories:  Wrist braces; Hunter rubber boots; floral slip-on sneakers; black Birkenstock.
Lessons learned today:  Sometimes May weather calls for dressing in layers.   

On Saturday, May 14th, I wore three me-made items.
Weekend wear:  Gray and blue pin-striped wool pants, OOP Vogue 1325; blue Katherine Tilton designer hoodie, Butterick 6253; RTW undergarments; RTW gray socks.

Nightwear:  Brushed cotton plaid dress worn as a nightshirt, OOP McCall's 6600.
Accessories:  Black Mephistos; silver watch.
Lessons learned today:  After dropping forty clams for two more pairs of Evita cotton undies, it really is time to start sewing my own.   

Happy Sewing!


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