Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Pullover Dress: Vogue 9237 and Vogue 9057

There were other plans for this woven stretch fabric.  

Plans were made to turn this piece of cloth into a version of Tessuti Patterns Eva dress. That plan changed after the fabric was pretreated and the discovery was made that there was quite a bit of shrinkage.  The 3.2 metres of 115 cm wide fabric became 3.0 metres of 112 cm fabric. Cutting out the Eva dress was no longer an option. 

I wanted an easy to wear dress and my alternative plan was Vogue 9237. I made this dress a few years back but it didn't last in my wardrobe rotation. I found it less than comfortable across the sleeve, bust and the neckline. It just felt too restrictive when I tried to use or stretch my arms. So, I tried to rectify that problem with merging these two patterns, Vogue 9237 for the bottom half and Vogue 9057 for the top half of the dress.  

This worked out well and it feels way more comfortable than the first version.  I lined up Marcy Tilton's bodice pattern pieces on top of the dress pattern pieces by matching the waistline measurement. From there I recut the neckline and shoulder seams on the dress pattern and I used the sleeve pattern from Vogue 9057. The hemline was left as is, it sits just below the knee on me. And I raised the pockets an inch. The neckline and hem were finished with bias tape. No zipper or loop and button closure needed, so I eliminated the center back seam on the upper back portion.  

Can you notice the lower back ruffle piece?  It's hard to see in this print. It's one of my favourite design features of this dress. That and the fact that this dress has pockets!  

The Stats

Fabric:  3.0 metres

Interfacing:  0.40 Knit 'n Stable tape

Seam binding:  3.65 metres

PatternsVogue 9237 and Vogue 9057

Additional Supplies & Tools:  Cutting table, pins, measuring tape, scissors, thread clippers, tailor's chalk, threads, sewing machine, serger, iron and ironing board.  

Stay Safe & Happy Sewing!

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