Sunday, 31 May 2020

May in Review...

This month was Me-Made-May and even though I did drag my feet as to whether or not I would participate, I'm glad I did, sort of. I dragged my feet mid-way and gave up with photographs. How many photos of pj's can one take? That said, I continued to wear at least one me-made item everyday. And I do believe I only had two pajama days this month.  

MMM2020 was a good distraction for the first part of the month. The pandemic certainly influenced how I dressed. First Me-Made-May that included face masks. I challenged myself to fill the one void in my wardrobe, a well fitting brassiere made out of natural fibre fabric. I can now check that one off the list. 

Sewing wise, I'm trying to use what I have on hand and am happy to report this is another month that there was not new fabric added to the stash.  With what I had on hand, I made 18 face masks, 4 scrub caps, 1 slip, 1 brasseire and 3 dresses. This is what has been de-stashed and used this month:  
  • 17.2 metres fabric
  • 0.7 metres fusible interfacing
  • 0.4 metres Knit 'n Stable tape
  • 20.45 metres of seam binding
  • 0.80 metres of elastic
  • 2.6 metres of cord (recycled)
  • 2 metres twill tape
  • 14 buttons
  • 2 previously used patterns
  • 2 vintage patterns
  • 2 PDF free downloadable pattern
It was a slow sewing month compared to April.  An increase of face mask sewing requests presented itself this month just when I had less free time on my hands. I did what I could with the supplies I had remaining, since going out to a fabric store was the last thing I wanted to do. Boy, those are words I never thought I would type! With everything under the sun costing ridiculously more every time you blink, fabric and sewing supplies are a luxury item that I can't justify right now. Thank goodness for a sewing stash.     

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing!  

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