Friday, 1 August 2014

Matching Jacket for Mama R

Stash busting 2014:  Navy Satin Crepe Jacket

Fabric:      1.2 metre of satin crepe
                1.2 metre of silk organza
                1 metre of lining
                0.5 metre of medium weight woven interfacing

Thread:   polished off another spool of thread.

Pattern:   Vogue 8916

To be completely honest, I was not all that thrilled about tackling this project. I didn't think that the satin crepe would work with the cardigan shaped jacket pattern. I was wrong. It all worked out beautifully.

And now Mama R has a matching jacket to go with her navy crepe dress.  

I underlined the satin crepe with silk organza. I have to say that I'm a huge fan of underlining. The difference it makes to a garment is incredible beyond words.

Yes, it is time consuming to hand baste the organza to the fashion fabric but it really is worth the work. Erica B recently posted a make that she underlined but used her sewing machine to baste the underlining in place. It worked out great--smart lady! Since the fabric that I was working with was on the slippery side I thought I would try machine basting for another time. I also basted the markings for the back shoulder dart through both layers of the organza and fashion fabric. With all the prep work done I was able to get to work.  

This jacket is a quick make after all that prep work, of course. The front piece is underlined with a stiffer non-fusible interfacing fabric. But I also underlined the front facing with organza. There was no cutting corners when sewing for Mama R. Okay, maybe I did cut corners in one part of the jacket.

The inside of the jacket is lined with a blue lining but I came across the sleeve lining in navy that I cut out for the first version of the jacket which I left off and I used that instead of cutting a new set. No one will ever see that the lining pieces don't perfectly match except Mama R, me and you. Our little secret.

The more I sew up this pattern the more I'm becoming a huge fan. And now that this is the third version that I have made it really didn't take much time at all. I have one more version in queue.

Happy sewing!


  1. It turned out so lovely! Well done!

  2. She looks so lovely. As for the lining, I say, have fun. I like to put a stripe of a different color lining in the sleeves of my jackets.


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