Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Tim Gunn Project: Spring/Summer Edition

Can you believe that the major four pattern companies have already released autumn patterns and the fabric stores are filling with wool and knit fabrics. Where did the summer go?

Before I get ready to pack away my spring / summer clothes and tend to my autumn / winter wardrobe, dI thought I would share what my "10 Essential Pieces" (the Spring / Summer edition) turned out to be.  

The Trench Spring Coat

I made this coat last year using the now out-of-print Burda 7304. It took some time to complete and by the time I finished it it was getting too warm to wear it. This spring, I got much more use out of it and compliments too.  

The Little Black Dress

I made this dress, Vogue 1312, a couple of years ago in a linen blend. It is still one of my favourite garments despite being a chore to iron. 

But this summer there was a new black dress on the scene. I made this using an out-of-print pattern, McCall's 8823. A gal can't have too many black dresses, right?  

The Classic White Shirt

This is my absolute favourite white shirt because of the french cuffs. There are also other details that make this pattern, out-of-print McCall's 8943 a winner. I like the front and back tucks, the sleeve pleats and wonderful fit. I wore it more in the spring than during my summer lay-off. It is a perfect work shirt.

4.  Classic Dress Pants

I made these pants using Vogue 1325. They are made in a light grey with blue pinstripe, light-weight, wool and cashmere blend. Despite being a wool blend, they still worked for the spring / summer fabric wise. Colour wise, I could have gone with something lighter.

This pattern is a gem but I will admit that I didn't fit into "a size" rather a combination of sizes. This pattern thankfully is a multi-sized pattern. Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit: Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure was a huge help in finding my perfect fit.  

5.  A Perfect Pair of Jeans Another pair of dress pants.  

I have yet to make a pair of jeans even though I do have Sandra Betzina's jean pattern. It is on my list of want-to-make-one-day items. But to be completely honest, I'm not a regular jean-wearing kind of gal. Maybe some day I'll get around to trying this jean pattern.

Instead, I would opt to replace this not-so-essential to my spring / summer wardrobe with another light-weight pair of wool pants using Vogue 1325. I actually wore these black pair more than the grey ones.

6.  A Day Dress

I made this wrap dress, Vogue 8784, recently, towards the summer but I still have been wearing it as much as I can since the weather has recently been quite hot. I'm sure it will make another appearance next summer too.

7.  An Occasion Top

This top was made using kAthaRine Tilton's Butterick pattern. I love this top, Butterick 5891, it has pockets and I feel like a million bucks when I wear it. It is made with 100% cotton fabric.

8.  A Nice Skirt 

This skirt has been in my closet for several seasons and it always comes out when the weather warms up! I don't think I will ever tire of this one. It is made from the now out-of-print Vintage Vogue 2885.  

9.  The Right Jacket

I've always wanted a Chanel-esque jacket and I had big plans to make one over the summer. It didn't happen. I made four cardigan style jackets this year but all four were for Mama R. The all-occasion top worked as my summer jacket when I wore the latest little black dress.

10.  Sweatsuit Alternative

I've never been a sweatsuit-kind-of-gal and to be completely honest, I never understood the appeal of the trend. I've always been into dresses so this was an easy pick for me. My sweatsuit alternative, or most comfortable item I own that is great for running around in, would be Vogue 1234.

And that is what ended up being my final 10 9 edited essential pieces this spring / summer season.  Now, to start thinking about my essential autumn / winter edition.

Happy Sewing!  

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