Friday, 8 August 2014

Another Black Dress

Stash busting 2014:  Another Black Dress for Mama R

Fabric:             2.3 metres of stretch cotton and 0.2 metres of interfacing.  

Zipper:            22" invisible zipper

Basting Tape:  44" length

This fabric was a dream to work with, especially after the last few projects. It is a cotton fabric with a bit of stretch.  We found this at Northwest Fabric. If I didn't have so much fabric in my stash I might head back there and pick some up for myself. But I won't, promise. This fabric was easy to transfer the markings, easy to sew and easy to press. Easy peasy.

Have I revealed how I transfer the markings for all these pleats?

I clip my fabric at the edge where the pleat begins and just chalk a dot where it end. Then I take my ruler and connect the dot to the clip. I do the same for marking darts. Once upon a time I used to transfer all the markings but I find this method a time saver.  

This dress came together quite quickly. I finished it in an afternoon. It helps that I was working with a pattern that I am familiar with and feel that I could sew it in my sleep. In my dreams of course! The fact that all the supplies that I needed were in my stash did help as well. And the hems were done using my blind hem foot.  

Same changes to the pattern, Simplicity 2372, as the others versions,

  • The centre front seam was removed and the front was cut as one piece.  
  • The centre back has an invisible zipper put in. It is a pull-over dress and Mama R has no problem getting into it. It is just easier for her to get out of it with the zipper to open up.  
  • The length was shortened significantly since Mama R is a wee petite woman.  
  • The sleeves were lengthened but still kept as a short sleeve.  
  • The sleeve is a combination of sizes in order to tighten the shape of the neckline.   
I think this is it for this true and tested Simplicity for awhile. I'm sure it will make it back onto the cutting table again but right now with the number of them that are in her closet I think I'm due for a break. 

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. Lovely dress. Easy to wear and the tucks at the neckline draw the eye up and give the piece such a nice look. I'm sure she is VERY happy.


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