Friday, 22 August 2014

Vogue 1325: Dress Pants

The Tim Gunn Project (Fall / Winter Edition):  Wardrobe Basics, The Dress Pants

Fabric:           2.1 metres 100% wool

Interfacing:   Actually, I used up some of my interfacing scraps.

Zipper:          7" regular zipper

I am delighted to report that there were no sewing bloopers in the creation of this project. Although, there was that issue with the serger while making these pants the ugliness in the inside where no one will see it. This is the best pants pattern that I have used. I like the pockets, raised waistline and the fact that it fits my hips! 

Vogue 1325
The fabric is the same as the previous garment and has been in my fabric stash for some time. It is a British wool that was marked down by 70% at Fabricland awhile back. I can't believe that I scored this fabric at such a good deal. It has a beautiful hand. The zipper was a recent purchase specifically for this project along with the thread. I didn't use any lining fabric since the wool was pretty light-weight, I used the fashion fabric for the inside pockets. The interfacing came from my fabric stash--I just had to be creative with the pattern piece placement to get all the pieces cut out. It felt good to stash-bust those small pieces of interfacing.  

These pants are perfect for work. They are conservative enough to keep the boss happy. They have roomy pockets to keep my keys near by. And they are wide enough in the leg that I can wear my knee brace without looking obvious. What's not to like?

This makes the fifth pair of pants that I made using this pattern and I'm thinking one more in a light beige / taupe colour. Or is that a non-colour? Anyway, I just can't get enough of this pattern.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. This is a nice looking pant. I'm glad it works well - I have it in my pattern collection as well :)

  2. Very nicely done - again! :)

    Hey if it works it works. And you certainly have made this pattern yours. Very nice fabric!

  3. Nothing better than a great pair of pants that fit perfectly. They look great!

  4. You are a wonderful inspiration to me. I need to schedule a week of pants sewing :-) and then perhaps I will have a TNT pants pattern as you do.


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