Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sewing Bloopers!

I'm working on another jacket for Mama R. This one is a houndstooth fabric that I have underlined with silk organza.  

I got up early in the morning and tried to fit some sewing in before I had to head out to an appointment. That might have been my first mistake. I was sewing before my morning coffee.

My second mistake came when I sewed on of the pockets to the side front lining piece and then sewing that to the front. Oh my goodness! I was supposed to sew the pocket piece to the side front not the lining. I can't believe that I didn't realize my error and actually sewed the side front and front pieces together.  

I then had to dig out the seam ripper and remove all the stitching. Thankfully, I realized the errors of my way before I clipped any seams.  

Once I had all the seams removed and was able to save the pieces by ironing out the pressed seams, I continued sewing. With the front pieces correctly sewn, I went to take care of my errands before coming home to continue working on the jacket.  

I stitched the back shoulder darts before stitching the front to back at the shoulder and side seams. Everything was going well until I went to work on the front facing and lining pieces.  

Another sewing blooper was discovered when I pressed the princess seam.  

Yes, I clipped holes in my lining piece that I saved earlier that morning when I was clipping my princess seam.

Some days are not meant for sewing. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh dear, I empathise with you. Some days are not made for sewing - I releant this lesson recently - I cut a one way pattern upside down!

  2. Aaaw rats! I hate those bad sewing days, it makes you feel like you're cursed! Hope you manage to save your lining and that your next session is better!

  3. Oh boy :/ I think we've all been there. At least it was the lining and not the fabric, right??

  4. Agree, some days it just pays to walk away..............

  5. Argh. Glad you shared- good reminder that it happens to the very best of us!

  6. Yesterday was one of those days for me too! I was working on the lining for a dress for my sister and yes I serged into the lining while I was serging the seams. I did fix it and then thought it would be highly visible because the outer fabric is quite sheer. However, it seems to just disappear when the dress is against the lining. Thank goodness for black linings! As well, the rayon for the outer dress is a crepe and horrible to work with. I finally just did the facings and starched the edges of the flutter sleeves for hemming and just walked away!


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