Sunday, 25 September 2011

And the search continues...

I happened to stop by Fabricland earlier this weekend. And what did I find... more new fall fabrics! And burgundy taffeta too!!!

That's the good news.

There is also bad news to go with that, the taffeta fabric at Fabricland is almost double the cost as the bolt that I saw last week at Mitchell's Fabric.

There wasn't enough on the bolt at Mitchell's Fabric to purchase and we're waiting to see if it can be ordered in.... and waiting.

The manager from Mitchell Fabrics has not yet called the church with information as to whether or not fabric can be ordered in. And the last I spoke with the manager, she wasn't able to confirm if it would be at the same price. But we don't know anything because no one has called back!

What is up with that?  It is going on a week now with no follow-up. Strange.

Fabricland has a new bolt of burgundy taffetta but only 13.2 metres which means that the bows will have to be smaller in length. And the fabric is pricier than the swatch from the bolt I found at Mitchell Fabrics. At $14.00/metre and right now it is 30% off, it seems that it was too pricey for the church's budget.

I don't think it is going to happen since on-line pricing appears to fall between the Mitchell's and Fabricland quotes, plus shipping and taxes.

Oh well, I tried. I guess we're back to waiting to see if Mitchell Fabrics will call back with any information.      

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