Saturday, 16 July 2011

How CrAzY can things get?

Philip Treacy hat {source}
Did you hear the latest about Philip Treacy?

Yup, that Philip Treacy, the Royal Hat Maker, creator of the Beatrice hat that recently fetched over $100,000 on ebay. 

Well, according to an article in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen Lady Gaga will be starting an internship with Philip Treacy. 

Excuse me while I wipe down the computer screen... it just got splashed with coffee...

Yup, that Lady Gaga, the one that wore the dress symbolizing "our eroding rights"... or whatever. 

Maybe the famed hat maker liked what she did with that piece of meat on her head? I jest.

Is Lady Gaga really that creative?

My theory is that she was inspired by Carmen Miranda to wear food on her head and just over-accessorized because she appeared clueless to the original meat dress.

Well, good for her, she's quirky enough to aspire to (or borrow) something outlandish. It should be interesting to see what's ahead. No, pun intended.

I just wonder how crazy things might get?

Any thoughts?

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