Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Jean Paul Gaultier has created quite a stir with his Fall 2011/12 Couture collection.

Even though the collection has underpinning of the dark side of fantasy with hints of goth he balances it off with fanciful, colourful feathers!

From the hard lines of leather to the soft draping of his gowns his collection was nothing short of fantastical.

Gautier certainly is in tune of the feather's re-appearance in popular culture and clothing... or more precise, headgear and purses.

Feathers for some time have been a staple in the Kate-inspired fascinator looks that have trickled down to the retail stores in the suburban malls.

Gautier took it delightfully further!

Black feathers I used on a black
sequined dress once-upon-another
Of course, when the spectacle of the couture show is over how does one wear feathers?

Can the look be toned down and translated into the simple lives of the home sewer?

Or are they the trimming of fanciful can-can, samba or pow-wow costumes.

The conservative fabric store selections found here in the prairies hardly translate into the styles of the Paris runways.

None of the feathers found in my sewing supplies were discovered in Winnipeg. I came across them in the fabric district expeditions in Toronto and Montreal.

I have to say I'm excited at the possible opportunity and inspiration to use these trimming in a new creation. Likely, nothing as exciting as Gauthier's designs (I wish!), probably more in line with decorating a winter muff.

How about you? Are you inspired by what is shown in the couture collections? Would you use these delicious trimmings in your sewing projects? Do tell!

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