Thursday, 14 July 2011

Button Up!

It is the little details that I think make a garment, like a securely sewn button.

I'm often amazed at some of the workmanship that makes it to the mall in ready-to-wear garments and how a quality made garment stands out.

With sewing it is so simple to take control of these little details. I have a sewing machine that has an automatic buttonhole maker and the capability to sew on buttons, but I love sewing buttons on by hand.

I'm sewing on buttons on a linen button front dress, adapted and tweeked from Simplicity 2246.

The dress has eight buttons placed down the front.  I like to mark and make my buttonholes first and then slowing work up the garment placing each button smack in the middle of the buttonhole. Of course, it would be less time consuming if I just marked the buttonholes and buttons from the pattern but that's just not me.

I use strong thread if I can find it (coat weight) if it works with my fabric choice. Otherwise, I make sure that I wax my thread.

Waxing thread will give it additional strength and prevent the thread from becoming tangled while sewing on the buttons.

Once I find the place where I want to sew my button, I start sewing where the button will show.

I don't sew from underneath but rather from on top.

Once you pull the knotted thread through the fabric you can then slide the needle through the loop of the button.

Continue sewing the button on securing it from the top.

Catch a wee bit of fabric from underneath the button shank and then pulling the thread through the shank.
I like to do this about five or six times depending how secure the button feels.

And then I loop the thread around the shank for some extra security. I like to loop it around about six times or so.

Now I'm ready to tie it off with two good knots.

And that's how I like to sew on buttons. So simple.

And I think these buttons are cute too.

A co-worker brought these leather buttons back from New York a couple of years ago.

They have geese on them (how Canadian!) and I think they're adorable.

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