Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back to the basics

After my weekend of epic fail sewing experiences, don't get me started on trying to sew Simplicity 3744, I decided to step away from the sewing machine and head back to the cutting board.

I first had to find a very easy pattern to build up my confidence. Yes this is it! An apron. How can I mess up an apron? Okay, maybe let's not answer that.

I've had this pattern in my collection for a few months. I'm planning on sewing version A, on the left. It is a reversible apron with contrasting fabric. There are no ties (I'm trying to avoid flashbacks to the Colette wrap dress ~sob).

Instead, it has two buttons at the back neckline and flares open in the back with curved edges.

Apron A reminds me of the aprons that Portuguese women wore in Toronto while they were hanging up their laundry on their backyard clothes lines.

But besides wanting to look like a older Portuguese woman I think the apron is a little different and cute.

The next step was to head to the fabric store. Where else should I go if I were going to back away from the sewing machine and try to regroup?

I didn't need any fabric, I'm sure I could find something in the stash of fabric I have at home. The fabric on the right came from my home pile, but I was looking for something to go with it for the reverse side.

I wanted a fabric that had a food theme to it, but do you think that I could find any? Not today. I found something better, roosters!  

There is no better print for a Portuguese style apron. I love it!

The iconic rooster image is the Portuguese symbol of luck. This is perfect for my next sewing project, I thought as I carried the bolt to the cutting table.

Well, wish me luck, just in case I need it.

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