Sunday, 27 April 2014

Who, Me? Sunshine Blogger Award

I have to admit that I was surprised to be awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award by Nakisha. Nakisha blogs over at Sew Crafty Chemist. She's a full-time mom who works a full-time job and finds time to sew and knit. She's an inspiration. I do not feel worthy. Thank you, Nakisha, for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

The Sunshine/Shine On Award is meant to get to know your fellow bloggers and allow your readers to get to know you a little better with the use of 10 facts about you!

There are rules to accepting the award.
The Rules:
  • Include the Logo
  • Link the person who nominated you
  • Write 10 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10 bloggers
  • Notify the nominees
Ten Facts about me:

1.  I love to cook as much as I love to sew. 

2. I'm not married because I'm a fiercely stubborn and independent woman who hasn't found a man who likes to iron. A friend is convinced that it is because I do not like country music.  

3.  My nick-name is Tigger. Apparently, I bounce when I walk.  

4.  One of my legs is a half inch shorter than the other. I must keep this in mind when adjusting pants patterns. This may explain the "bounce when I walk."

5.  Autumn is my absolute favourite season. Summer is my least favourite. I dislike the hot heat and mosquitos and end up spending the summer months indoors where there is air-conditioning, whenever possible.  I might enjoy the summer months if there were no mosquitos, a consistent +25 degree C with a light cool breeze.  

6.  My family and especially my parents mean the world to me. I love them with all my heart and would do anything for them, that includes living in a city where there are mosquitos and brutal winters.  But I sometimes often dream of living in a city that doesn't have mosquitos and brutal winters.  

7.  I'm not perfect. I've made mistakes in life and in my sewing. It keeps life and sewing interesting. I have no regrets about my past mistakes because you can't change the past. I can only try to do better and learn from my mistakes.      

8.  I went back to school as an adult to complete a BA in English Literature and Rhetoric, Writing and Communication while working a full-time job. And I won the university gold medal for Honours English. (Let's just say that it helps to have a slow-cooker in one's university survival kit.)

9.  Sunflowers make me happy. 

10.   I struggle with being an ethical and socially-conscious home sewist and fabric-holic. I wish I weren't so ignorant as to where my fabric stash originated from and I'm trying to change my ways. I strive and struggle to be more informed and find fair-trade and organic fabric suppliers.  

Now to nominate 10 inspirational and talented sewists and bloggers that I would like to learn more about.

  1. Barbara who blogs over at Sewing on the Edge
  2. Shelley who blogs over at NVL New Vintage Lady.  
  3. Annette who blogs over at Mrs. Toad Sews
  4. Judith who blogs over at Made by J
  5. Tanit-Isis who blogs over at Tanit-Isis Sews
  6. Elle who blogs over at Elle C Sews
  7. Katja who blogs over at Of Seams and Dreams
  8. Meg who blogs over at Meg the Grand
  9. Anne who blogs over at Pretty Grievances
  10. Karen who blogs over at Sewing by the Seat of my Pants
That's all for now.  Happy Sewing!  

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  1. Yay!!! Oh Graca I absolutely love reading your blog. LOVE. You are one of my favs.

    Yay for autumn!! it is the best!


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