Monday, 27 June 2022

What Do You Think? Lama Pajamas or Another DVF Wrap Dress

I'm pre-shrinking / treating this fabric right now.  It is a cotton knit that I picked up over a year ago and even though I love this print I can't seem to decide on what to turn the fabric into.  This is where I'm turning to you for some help.  What do you think?  

Should I break out my go-to pajama pattern pieces and sew a pair of Lama pajamas?  

Or should I revisit the iconic DVF wrap dress pattern and make a fun, playful version of the wrap dress?  

Any thoughts?  Or do you think I should go a completely different direction with this fabric?  

Stay Safe and Keep Sewing!


  1. Fun dress! The fabric is so cute and would make a lovely wrap dress.

  2. I'd go with pajamas, just so you can enjoy the fabric more frequently.

  3. Lama jim jams all the way for me!


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