Friday, 24 June 2022

In Sewing News Today...

Last night I found myself on the Vogue pattern website.  

Swooning over vintage reissue Vogue 1886.  

Interested even more now that there is a Vogue pattern sale.  

Until I saw International shipping rates.  

Their shipping rates went up again!  

No longer interested.  

It's a good thing.  

I really don't need a caftan.  

It just looked like a fun project to sew an iconic look.  

I'll have to find another project because I'm not paying that shipping rate increase.  

Certainly not with these inflationary times.  

Maybe I'll sew something more practical?  

There are patterns in my stash that I still haven't sewn.  

Perhaps the jean jacket that I've been talking about for way too long.  

Or a cotton knit slip?  

It will fill the needs on my sewing list.  

Why is it that we're sometimes drawn to sewing "frosting" pieces?  

I'm craving a sewing project that will satisfy my creative side.  

I feel like my sewing makes lately have been more on the practical side / "cake."  

But less satisfying that cake.  

Mmmm, cake.  

Okay, now I'm hungry.  

Stay Safe and Keep Sewing!

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