Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Some Days Are Not Meant for Sewing...

Some days are not meant for sewing and today is one of those days. I'm working on a white shirt with french cuffs. This should be a quick and easy make but it is not because I'm spending my time making silly mistakes.   

I noticed that I stitched diagonally across the upper end of the lap before I top-stitched. I removed the diagonal stitching to correct the error of my ways to make my second mistake. I top-stitched on the wrong side. Once I corrected that error I re-did the diagonal stitching and clipped my loose threads. And there we have my final mistake. A lovely hole clipped into my sleeve.  

Some days are not meant for sewing.  

Thankfully, I have enough left-over fabric to cut another sleeve and lap piece and start over again. I know that I can use some Fray Check on it and mend the hole but I'm really looking forward to having a nice shirt with french cuffs so I'm going to re-cut another sleeve. The other sleeve is inserted and it's perfect. So, I know I can do this. Not today though, I think it is time to call it a night and start all over tomorrow.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oooh yeah, sometimes you have to just call it a night. Can't wait to see the shirt.

  2. Argh!! I feel your pain. Best to put it aside today, and come back to it fresh another day! It will be all the better for the extra effort!

  3. Oh dear. Yes, some days are not meant for sewing, but we press on none the less - and then, yes, the mistake! I'm glad you have enough to recut the sleeve.

  4. Yes, been there, done that!

  5. I'm almost in tears for you. I've lived this slip of the scissors, too. As one of my best friends says, "Breath in, breath out. Then repeat." It seems to work for me.

    1. I think there would have been tears if there wasn't enough fabric left over. Luckily, there is enough to cut out three more sleeves. Hopefully, I'll only need one more. Oh, I shouldn't jest. I cut it out this evening but I think I'll wait until the weekend to finish the shirt.

  6. Oh no! It always happens when we're tired. I'm so glad you do have enough fabric to cut another :)


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