Monday, 5 August 2013

Make Do and Mend Projects (Or How I Spent the Long Weekend)

I know, I live a glamourous and exciting life. Don't be jealous, it is not as glamourous and exciting it seems.

Joking aside, I am notorious for letting my mending and alteration jobs get out of control. It is a bad habit and I'm trying to mend my ways. The first three projects were shown earlier this weekend.

I've just been going through clothes that no longer fit and trying to weed out what I should donate and what to save. The charity truck will be in the neighbourhood in the next week and now that I'm laid-off from work it seems like the perfect time to get these things done.

Make Do and Mend Project #3:  Baia silk dress.  Reinforced the side seams that were starting to stretch out and lowered the hemline by two inches.

The dress fits but it just fits. I think it will hang out in the closet until I drop a couple more pounds.

Make Do and Mend Project #4: McCall's Coat Dress. Replaced the decorative frog with a decorative hook and eye. Can you believe it took months to get this small repair job done?

Make Do and Mend Project #5: Cotton knit sweater.  Replaced the hand hem on the sleeves with a double needle knit stitch.

After I washed the sweater the wave action did not settle down. I wish it would but it is okay, I still plan to wear it.

Make Do and Mend Project #6: White DKNY shirt. I had to add another buttonhole and button to the shirt for modesty reasons.

I'm on the fence as to whether or not to shorten it two inches. Actually, I'm even on the fence as to whether or not to keep it. It is a loose style. I really don't want a short sleeve baggy shirt but then it is a good shirt to bum around in. Still on the fence.  

Make Do and Mend Project #7: Dress to be converted into a skirt. This dress would have landed in the donate pile if it were not for the print. It is the reason that I bought the dress. I always wore a sweater or jacket to cover up the low cut bodice.

I found if I removed the bodice I could remake this into a skirt. I cut waistband out of some black fabric I found in my stash. I just have to get around to changing the thread on the sewing machine and get this finished up. And I think I could also let down the hem too.  

Make Do and Mend Project #8: Vogue 8867 dress. This dress is a recent make and I haven't worn it much but the lining that I had hand-stitched to the invisible zipper was coming apart.

The plan is to use my regular zipper foot and restitched in place by machine this time. Hopefully this will prove to be a more secure option.

Make Do and Mend Project #9: Liz Claiborne knit dress. This dress has the tiniest little snaps at the waistline that do absolutely nothing in terms of holding things in place. This has been on my mending pile for about two years.
McCall's 6612

Make Do and Mend Project #10: McCall's 6612 Dress. I'm on the fence if this recent make should remain as a maxi dress. Or should I tame this beast into a sweater?

Rachel Comey
Peplum Sweater
Make Do and Mend Project #11: Peplum sweater. I love the look of this Rachel Comey knit peplum. And this had me thinking about a black knee length knit dress that I haven't worn in years.

It was the dress that I wore when I had an accident on a city bus and tore the cartridge in my knee and did a real number to my hip / lower back. I didn't have the heart to get rid of the wool dress. But then I didn't want the reminder of the accident. And it is knee length and knit which don't go well with knee braces. I know, silly that I've been hanging onto an item I didn't want to wear.

Now, I'm thinking that I can remodel it into a knit peplum. The bodice is fitted and it has long sleeves. I would just need to rework the skirt into a peplum.    

The rest of the pile of ill-fitting clothing can get packed up for the donation truck. It certainly feels good to de-clutter and focus on recreating something new. And I certainly have enough work cut out for me.

Happy Sewing!

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