Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Tim Gunn Project: (Non-traditional) Jeans

Stash Busting 2013:  Project #31


Fabric Used:              2.9 metres of red denim (and pink cotton sateen for lining and facing pieces)

Pattern Used:            Vogue 1325

Bias Tape Used:        30"

Pant Hook and Eye:  1 set

Zipper Used:             9" regular zipper


I've been holding onto this denim for a few years now. The plan has always been to make a pair of jeans. The stall has been the search for a suitable pattern. I opted for a pants pattern, Vogue 1325, that previously worked and now I have a pair of red jeans!   

The pink sateen that I used for the pocket, zipper lap and waist facing I've had in my stash for over twenty-two years. I just have a small piece left (less than a metre) and it is quite narrow. It worked out perfect for this project reducing much of the bulk from the waist that the denim would have added if I cut the facings out for the denim. I did not interface the facing pieces. The pink sateen is also found in the pocket facing.

The threads were a recent 2013 addition to my sewing stash, everything else was stash-busted.

Changes that I made:

  • I went up a size on the outer leg just below the lower edge of the pocket. 
  • And then I reversed that change when it just made the pant leg too wide. 
  • And then I narrowed it a smidge more.   
  • I lengthened the leg from my original adjustment. This change gave me more of a hemline to work with and options for the hem width.  
My biggest challenge with these were the hem. I did a two inch machine stitched hem and folded the edge to hide the serged edge. At certain points where the inner and outer seams were found, I would be sewing through six thicknesses of denim. Needless to say, my machine did not like this process.  

I overcame this stitching challenge by using the walking foot, a 2.6 stitch width and the jean-a-ma-jig.  

Sew, there is the first project from my Tim Gunn 10 Essential pieces list. Well, I'm off to take a nap before I get into the birthday celebrating.

Happy Sewing!


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