Monday, 12 August 2013

Reasons Why I Sew: Reason #8

I get to pick the fabric I want my clothes made out of!

Have you been in a shopping mall to look at RTW clothing lately? Don't go, it is depressing (well, in these parts anyway). The racks are filled with cheaply made clothes made out of rayon, modal and polyester. Yes, those fabrics do have their pros but the biggest con for me has to be the piling!

Try to find a beautifully crafted wool and cashmere pair of pants or ladies suit. Not to be found in a sea of clothing mostly geared to the youth market. And any suits found out here are mostly made up of polyester. It is sad. Thankfully, there is an alternative from retailers pushing undesirable fabric contents.

And that is reason #8 for why I sew. I can go to a fabric store or online and find fabric to make a garment that won't exist in my local retail landscape.

Happy Sewing!

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