Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fashion Mistakes

This past week a Huffington Post article listed top ten fashion mistakes.

The top ten fashion faux pas 

1. Socks and sandals.  Some people argue that they wear socks with sandals for the comfort. Really? A wedgie for your toes is comfortable? The only rationale that I can come up for wearing socks with sandals would be to prevent the thong tan lines. But then you have to worry about the sock tan line. That's it, it is a no win look. I'm going to have to agree with this one.  

2. Platforms for men. Awwe, guys just wanna have some fun.  

3. Low slung trousers.  Yes, the great debate of the twenty-first century. Why? Must be a political mooning statement.   

4. Velour tracksuits. Oh Madonna! What did you do? Back in 2001 you made that custom Juicy Couture velour tracksuit trend. That's what you did! And now everyone feels that it okay to wear tracksuits and yoga pants for non-athletic activities.   

5. Harems.  The harem look has certainly come a long way from  "I Dream of Jeanne" hasn't it? Part skirt, part pants.    

6. Crop tops. Yup crop tops for men appeared in the Spring 2014 Menswear collections. Did you notice that the model is not smiling? 

7. Bum bags. Okay, that is just politically incorrect. Or do they mean Fanny packs?  

8. Shell suit. Awww, yes Madonna strikes again inspiring the masses.  

9. Trucker hats. Another ironic suburban fashion faux pas.  

10. Scrunchies. Seriously, they're back and have been seen on Spring/Summer 2013 fashion runways with mis-matched socks and sequins. They were joking right?  

Okay, that was enough fun for tonight. I have another dress cut for Mama R and I'm tickled pink that I managed to avoid these fashion mistakes. I'll get busy and sew it up tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Sewing!  


  1. Are you done? Can I come out from under the computer console now? That was all quite upsetting!!!

  2. Hi Graca, I occasionally visit but this is my first comment. In browsing your blog just now I saw the Crop Tops and spurted a little cocoa out of my nose laughing, at the shirt plus your comment about the model not smiling. Too funny.

    Harem pants look like fun to me :).


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