Wednesday, 6 March 2013

In Sewing News Today...

My Lenten Sewing Projects are coming along slowly but surely. I took a week off from the project to work on my nephew's vest. It was an easy switch to do since I have two machines set up and in working order. One machine right now is dedicated to the purificators and set up with 100% cotton thread.

Right now, I've finished off a few more and so far I've managed to sew thirty-eight. It is a slow process. I have another thirteen to finish off and then I'll have to cut the remainder of the left over linen. And I'm not done.

After that is all taken care of, there is a vestment to repair. The metallic bias tape that was fraying has to be replaced. I never noticed that the fabric store has metallic trims. I'm more of a simple gal who is not attracted to bling. There is a whole section of the fabric store that I didn't pay attention to until now. I lucked out this weekend when Fabricland had their 50% off sale and Mama R helped out and removed the frayed bias tape. It looks I'll be kept busy for the rest of the month.

But I'm feeling guilty, as the days are getting longer and the sun is rising earlier in the morning, thoughts are turning to spring sewing. Squirrel!

I'm really would like to start on the pants but it looks like it will be pushed back further on the list of projects to get to. Mama R is waiting for a new dress. And this dress project will push its way to the top of the list after the Lenten Sewing Projects.

For Mama R's dress I'm thinking a vintage pattern, McCall's 9424. The pattern has sleeves and a neckline that Mama likes. The only design feature that it is missing are pockets, an easy fix. She has given the pattern the go-ahead.

I have a pretty spring colour in mind for this dress, an egg shell blue.

Mama R is suggesting a navy fabric from her stash but navy just not doing it for me. Navy polyester doesn't feel spring appropriate. I might have to convince Mama R on the egg shell blue though. She does have her heart set on the navy. Somehow, I think I'll be sewing a navy dress.

Well, I better stop dreaming about spring sewing and get back to work. What about you, have you started on spring sewing projects?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Garca, you're racking up points for purgatory with all your church sewing! And you know what they say, if Mama ain't happy..... maybe Mama needs two dresse, one in each color!

    1. Lol, I think you might be right!


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