Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Into Indigo...

Stash Busting 2013:  Project #12

Fabric Used:        2.75 metres of medium weight stretch cotton sateen. This fabric has been in my stash since 2010.

Buttons Used:      9 buttons, recycled from a previous garment.

Thread Used:       1 spool polished off.

Pattern Used:       Vintage McCall's 9424, circa 1968.

Colours are all the colours of the rainbow and the colours between the rainbow colours between.  I never get indigo.  Year after year, I wait for indigo, but even when the fashion is navy, you never get indigo, the glow, the long slow glow of indigo in the high night sky. ~Anne Bartlette~
This dress is for Mama R and she looks great in this colour. I'm so thrilled that she agreed to the fabric.

The pattern was an uncut vintage pattern. The one thing that struck me as I unfolded the pattern pieces was the sturdy weight of the tissue pattern and the lack of cut corners. No, not those cut corners.

This pattern had a separate pattern piece for the short sleeve. Unlike modern patterns that will just have a "cut here" line on a long sleeve pattern. It was a pleasant experience handling this vintage pattern.

I did tweak the pattern to fit Mama R's taste. I added some width to the lower part of the dress and tapering up to the neckline.

I also extended the placket / front facing piece making the dress a shirt- dress. And I added front pockets as per Mama R's signature request.

This pattern is a keeper. I adore how the collar neatly falls over the shoulder yoke and that it neckline seam is finished with a back yoke. The collar has a more pronounced curve around the neckline seam that you don't typically find in modern designs. I just love how it falls perfectly into place.

Mama R is pleased with this dress and that little fact has me over the moon. The shoulders fit her perfectly, which we never find in a modern size 16 pattern. I guess they had small shoulders back then? She's wanted a nice fitting shirtdress for some time and I finally managed to grant her wish. Finally. I'm going to file this pattern under it's-a-keeper.

Happy Sewing!

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