Sunday, 19 September 2021

Number Four: Kwik Sew 3663

This pair of Men's pull-on pants, Kwik Sew 3663, is made in a beautiful cotton sateen with stretch that has been lingering in my stash with thoughts of turning it into another Tulip dress.  I'm glad that original plan didn't take place over these past years because this fabric is perfect for this project.   

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  This pattern is a keeper and worth a re-visit if needed.  I'll be holding on to this one for sure.  I left off the drawstring, switched to sewing a casing for the elastic in case I would need to adjust the elastic in the future, and the hem length was shortened from the first pair adjustment (same as pant version number 3) with a 1 1/2" hem.  

The fabric was pre-washed and shrunk more than I estimated.  Thankfully, there was more in the stash that I could wash and cut out the front pieces.  Left-over fabric is in two pieces.  The fabric also spent some time in the dryer before hitting the ironing board and moving onto the cutting table.  All of this leads to my sincere advice to always, always pre-treat your fabric before diving into a project.  

Project Details

Seams:  2.6  and 2.8 straight stitches and lightning bolt stitch for the elastic

Seam Finish:  Serged

Fabric:  2.3 metres

Elastic:  1 metre

Pattern:  Kwik Sew 3663

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, pin cushions, tailor's chalk, scissors, thread clippers, measuring tape, measuring gauge, sewing machine, walking foot, regular sewing machine foot, serger, screwdriver, tweezers, iron, ironing board, clapper, safety pins and tea.  

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing!

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  1. Glad this worked out so well. It sure has been a journey for you. What really excites me about this pair is that you grabbed a fabric you were saving for special and sewed with it and it was perfect. We all need to do more of that, not "save" fabrics but use them as needed and as they work currently and then if necessary go out and buy more. Great job!


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