Saturday, 11 September 2021

In Sewing News Today...

Is mending having a moment right now?  

These were some of the titles on display at the local bookstore's sewing section.  It is certainly a reflection of the times.  Did you notice the title on the left?  Yup, a sewing book on sewing face masks, scrub caps and other medical devices.  I don't know about you but I'm so over sewing face masks, etc.  I certainly don't want a sewing book dedicated to the topic.  

Before this (pre-pandemic) the shelves were packed with beginner level books.  Even though most of my sewing lately has been with beginner worthy patterns, I'm way past the beginner level.  I'm longing for something with more substance to motivate my creative thoughts.  A book of by-gone days with delicious techniques for fancy bound buttonholes circa 1930s and 1940s.  Ah, that would be a book I could lose myself in.  But not really relatable to what is gracing the work table lately.  

I am currently working on a denim jean jacket.  No fancy bound buttonholes in this project.  Even though it is an item that I could pick up easily at any clothing store it appears that they are all mixed with man-made fibres.  Seriously, every jean style jacket I'm checked the label has polyester in fabric!  Is it really denim if there is polyester in there?  Apparently so.  Even though some are singing the praises for polyester denim, I'm not a fan.  No thank you.  I want my denim jacket to be made with 100% cotton denim.  Call me old fashion if you must, but making things the way I want them is one of the reasons I sew.  Thankfully, I have a collection of 100% cotton denim in the stash since I've been noticing bolts of "denim" labelled with "unknown fibre content" at the fabric store shelves.  

Well, I should get back to work on this project if I want to get some wear out of it before the snow falls all the leaves change colours and fall.  

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing!


  1. Yup, mending is a thing and I personally love it but buying a book on mask making? no thank you. I am with you on that one. I got ot the point where making masks were downright demoralizing. I did it for those I loved who could not get their own and when masks became an item easily available at every checkout in town, that was all over for me. The only one I have made since was for my granddaughter's prom. It had to match her gown and came from the hem I cut off. As far as visible mending, I love the concept and as I child of the sixties, this is right up my alley. I have been working on a few pieces as we speak. We shall see where it goes. I applaud you for sticking to your guns on the 100% cotton. Yay, go cotton!

  2. Yes, I’ve searched and scoured and acquired a great stash of the original, OG, heavy, kinda crunchy, can hurt you and will run blue in the washer when new- denim! Wrangler and Levi original. That icky, stretchy pseudo stuff is awful. I do have a small stash of lighter weight, some spandex denim for sewing for grand babies. As for sewing books, I’ve got a pretty good library and I would probably only buy interesting older volumes at thrift stores or flea markets at this point.


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