Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Six Inch Separating Zippers!

First, before I get into this post, I have to say THANK YOU to Alexandra V., PurpleIvy, Erica B., and Sherinj.  

These wonderful people were a blessing in my search for that elusive six inch zipper that so many of us, wanting to make Vogue 1507, are having a hard time to find. Alexandra V recommended Zipperstop.com in New York.  PurpleIvy recommended Dressew in Vancouver and graciously offered to pick up a zipper while vacationing out there. Super sweet, thank you! Erica Bunker made a fabulous pair of pants without the separating zipper (along with a crazy beautiful version of the top) and kept my excitement going while I waited for zippers to arrive in the mail. Sherinj responded to Erica's post recommending Pacific Trimming in New York. If it weren't for the online sewing community, I don't think I would have these little treasures.  

Yes, they arrived in the mail this afternoon! And that's surprisingly fast considering that they came from the United States. With service like this, I'm never wasting time and gas searching local stores for zippers ever again. There isn't a large selection of zippers for garment sewing in this town.  

On May 1st, I placed my first order after receiving Alexandra V's recommendation. I ordered two zippers from Zipperstop.com (a nickel cotton tape zipper seen on the left and a white aluminum zipper) and I have to say their service is amazing.  Jeff Feibusch, the Vice President, responded promptly to my email and put my mind to ease that these zippers will work for the project that I had in mind. They also supplied tracking information on the status of my purchase once the order was filled and on its way. I hoped that they would arrive by the end of the week after noticing that it cleared customs, never did I expect they would arrive in the beginning of the week. [Insert happy dance here.] Super fast service, beautiful products made this a pleasant experience. I was pleased that they enclosed a pamphlet and business card as well, I will defiantly hold onto these for future reference. If you like to check them out here is their details.   

A. Feibusch Corp.
27 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
Tel. 212.226.3964
Fax 212.226.5844 

Two days later, I ordered one more six inch separating zipper after reading Sherinj's recommendation for Pacific Trimming. This is the fanciest of the three zippers I ordered. It is a rose gold with a satin finish on the tape. It actually was less expensive than the nickel and aluminum zippers from Zipperstop.com but their shipping cost was a bit more. Both packages were sent first class mail and arrived on the same day. There was one noticeable difference between these two suppliers, Pacific Trimming has a return/exchange policy whereas Zipperstop.com does not accept returns or exchanges on custom sized zippers.  

Michael Trimming
Pacific Trimming
220 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018

I am super thrilled with Pacific Trimming's service and their zipper as well. If you want me to recommend one over the other, I can't. They both have great products and provide wonderful service. So I'm going to leave the decision up to you.  

Although, this one is my favourite of the three and I will be saving it for the white denim. First, I would like to make a (hopefully) wearable muslin using the white aluminum zipper with a striped denim. 

This evening, I pre-treated the fabric with a run through the washing machine and tumble in the dryer. I just have to press and cut it out as soon as my hand is feeling better. The tendonitis has settled down enough that I went out this weekend and did some work in my parent's flower beds, digging out some stubborn grass that's trying to take over. And now I'm kept out of the sewing room by this!  

A couple more days, it should be all dried up and I should be able to hold a pair of scissors. Then I can get to work on Vogue 1507. Until then... 

Happy Sewing!  



  1. Oooh! I'd not seen those trousers before - they look a fun make! I look forward to seeing yours made up!

    1. I'm just finishing them up and they are so comfortable!


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