Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer Pants

I've wanted to make these Rachel Comey pants, Vogue 1507, ever since I laid eyes on this pattern. 
It became a slow process while I tried to source a proper zipper. Like others who have already made the pants, I had trouble finding a six inch separating zipper in my local market. I should note that no where on the pattern envelope, Vogue pattern website, or the feature in Vogue Sewing magazine does it mention that you need a separating zipper! It is not until you open the pattern instruction sheet that your see this to be true. 

And if you are shopping for Vogue patterns in Canada, you can't even check the instruction sheets before you decide on purchasing on a pattern. Tsk-tsk, Vogue patterns. You've sent a few of us on a wild goose chase. I don't think it would have broke the printing budget to add the word "separating" and maybe list some sources where to find this required item in your magazine or website. In case you're considering this project and would like to find a separating zipper, check out this post on some recommended suppliers readers so generously offered. Don't be discouraged from trying this pattern, these zipper sources delivered a custom sized zipper quickly and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the product and service.

I forgot to suck in my stomach.
My bad.

What can I say about these pants on me. First off, my elbow does not bend like the model's elbow does in hand-in-pocket pose.  Yup, these pockets seem like they are set very low on my petite-sized short-armed (and leg) body. But I love the pockets none-the-less!

I love everything about these pants, they are so comfortable. I'm already planning to make another pair in white denim. I do have some changes in mind.

I did note Erica Bunker's comment about the front wide waist was a single layer and she wished that she had interfaced and lined it. I didn't interface it but I did cut a second piece of my fashion fabric and made a facing. I will do this again. I also agree with Erica's comment that the waist is big, I found the same thing.

I do like how it fits through the hips and thighs, just the waist needs to be tweaked a bit. I did take advantage of the multi-sized pattern markings. The crotch was cut as a size 14 and the rest of the pants were cut as a size 18 because I don't like my pants being too fitted around my hips.

Even though it would be easier to take the waist in from the sides, I feel that it looks better when I took it in from the centre back. I'll have to make this change on the pattern piece before I cut out the next pair.

The fabric is a blue and white striped cotton that I found at Northwest Fabrics. It is light-weight and make these a perfect pair of summer-time pants. I pretreated the fabric with a wash, tumble in the dryer, and press before I set out to cut my fabric. The fabric handled the pre-treatment process without any issues.

The Stats:

Fabric:       2.2 metres of 100% light-weight cotton.

Interfacing:  0.20 metre of fusible interfacing.

Bias tape:    0.40 metres

Zipper:       1 - 6" separating zipper

Thread:       100% cotton thread.

Additional tools and supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, walking foot, zipper foot, scissors, thread clippers, hand needle, iron, ironing board, advice from the online sewing community, many breaks in between thirty minute sprints of sewing, coffee, and Shakespeare audio CD (listening to Julius Caesar for work).

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love your version of these. I am wearing my first pair today too. Like you I will be making more,once I have zips from New York.

    1. These are so comfortable. I'm planning on wearing these to work tomorrow.

  2. Bring back the high waist! I am so glad they are comfy. What a fun make. They look great.

    1. Thanks and I so agree with you! I'm way more comfortable in a high waist.


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