Tuesday, 20 January 2015

They're Here!

I thought they would never get here, but they just arrived. I got my hands on the February / March issue of Vogue Pattern magazine on Christmas eve and have been patiently waiting (and waiting and waiting) for them to be released.

And then cheeky Vogue Patterns sent out a teaser with a few of the new Vogue patterns soon to be hitting the stores. And I continued to wait.

But they finally arrived and it feels like Christmas all over. I am quite excited about this release. Do you want to see some of my favourites?

Vogue 9096
Oh my goodness, I actually gasped when I first laid eyes on Vogue 9096. I am quite smitten with the front detailing on this jacket. I wonder if I will be able to shorten it a wee bit?  

Vogue 1437
And this is another jacket, Vogue 1437, I'm tempted by... 

Vogue 1440
The top and jacket, Vogue 1440, are also on my wish list. The jacket has possibilities for some fun colour blocking options. 

Vogue 1442
This dress, Vogue 1442, is on the top of my wish list. I couldn't get away with wearing it to work but this will be a cool and comfortable dress for those hot summer days.  

Vogue 9077
Vogue 9077 is more work appropriate and it has pockets!  

Vogue 9081
This is the dress pattern that I was waiting for and thought that would work will with my animal print fabric I picked up for Jungle January (but I already cut it out of a Marcy Tilton pattern).  I still want Vogue 9081 though.  

Vogue 9083
I had to show this one. It won't make it to my collection unless I regain my girlish figure but I just love the detachable collar detail, tre chic!  

Vogue 9089
Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9089 has made it to my wish list.  

Vogue 9091 
And finally, Vogue 9091, a pair of wide legged pants!  

How about you, do you have any favourite Vogue spring release patterns on your list?  

Happy Sewing!  

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