Sunday, 18 January 2015

In Sewing News Today...

I walked into Fabricland and made a purchase without a membership card. I can't remember when that has ever happened in the past. I have vowed not to renew my membership this year. I don't need any fabric but I was in need of some ribbon for my Jungle January jacket.

And that is what I bought, just what I needed, some ribbon. The only ribbon that I had in my stash that was more on the pink side than masala.

I walked out of there with spending less than three dollars! Despite my fabric stash stumble the second day into the new year, I'm quite pleased with myself this time around. No fabric came home with me even though they were having a buy 1 metre, get 2 metres free sale. Although, I'm sure it had more to do with feeling a bit under the weather than any impressive level of will power as there was some teal coloured sateen fabric that caught my eye.   

Now, despite the fact that I have everything to sew my Jungle January outfit I haven't yet sewn one stitch. Would you believe that it took over a week to cut out the Marcy Tilton dress and jacket pattern pieces? 

I'm not sure what happened to my sewing mojo but it was a real struggle to get sewing done after those little velvet dresses. I was just burnt out after all the holiday sewing and rushing. I just didn't have anymore reserved energy for sewing and most nights, I would rather read or try to catch up on sleep. I guess sometimes you just need a break.

Before my mojo when into hiatus, I had big plans to tackle bound buttonholes and start on the Sybil Connolly Vintage Vogue spring coat. Now I'm wimping out on challenging projects and any sewing has been simple and those are taking forever to get done. Whoever or whatever stole my mojo, I'd like it back.

I think the Jungle January project, Vogue 8975, will have to take a back seat until I feel better and more focussed since it has been described as a "puzzle pattern." And although I enjoy puzzle patterns I would be quite sad if I messed this project up.

Anyway, that's all in sewing news today...

Happy Sewing!


  1. Everyone needs a change now and then. Enjoy the day.
    Your blog is one of my very favorites.


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